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Saturday, May 7, 2016

LK Baby's Ultimate Heavy Duty Premium Trunk Organizer is YOUR Car's Dream Organizer!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, at a reduced price,from LK Baby, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

So we talked about having a place for your phone,  
now how about a place for everything in the trunk?

You KNOW you need to so something about that mess in the trunk, that has accumulated over the school season, as you have gone from school to extracurriculars and to different activities!

Now Summer is here and you need all available trunk space for suitcases and more for when you go on vacation, right?

I have JUST the thing you need to organize that trunk in no time!

Ultimate Heavy Duty Premium Trunk Organizer
This Ultimate Heavy Duty Premium Trunk Organizer  from LK Baby, is made from sturdy, high quality 600D polyester fabric, that can handle just about everything you set it to, with strong web handles, that can handle being carried, moved and folded with ease! Not only will this trunk organizer neaten up your trunk, it will stay where you put it, and last for years and years! 

Ultimate Heavy Duty Premium Trunk Organizer folded up

This is no small organizer either! It is perfectly sized at 12" (height) x 14.5" (width) x 22.5" (length), when opened, and a very small 12"  x 14.5" x 3", when closed! Plus you can choose to only open it halfway, is you just need a small amount of storage! This means it will literally fit in just about any car, truck, van or SUV!  

Ultimate Heavy Duty Premium Trunk Organizer benefits

Just look at all its unique features! It is literally the ONLY trunk organizer of its kind, to have so MANY pockets to hold items for you! It has 10 interior and 2 exterior pockets! Martha Stewart would be thrilled with how tidy it can make you! Plus it has two elastic straps to hold additional items like books, water bottles, and soda bottles, in place! With its reinforced sides and front panels,with their own stretchy cord pockets, this trunk organizer really holds so much more than it looks like it can! 

And thanks to its two stiff reinforced bottom inserts, you have a sturdy base that keeps you from having a sagging holder, especially if you pick it up to remove it from your trunk! I've had that happen with other organizers, and had items fall out! It also has FOUR rubber feet on the bottom, to prevent it from slipping or rolling around in your trunk. It stays WHERE you put it period. Trust me, I tested it on some hair pin curves- it never moved! And it can double duty in an emergency, thanks to the reflective strip along the long length of one side, to help provide your vehicle with extra visibility to other cars at night. 

But the truth is in the usage! Look at my before photo or the trunk:

trunk before

Yes, it was pretty bad after one 60 min trip for Pow Wow, 2 treks to NOLA, a trip to Sam's, 2 trips to the mall and one picnic. EEK! (Note to sponsors: you will see we still are using the promo merchandise you've sent, LOL). There is no way you could put any amount of suitcases or bags in their, without breaking something or clearing it all out!

 Check out this video about how well the LK Baby Ultimate Trunk Organizer cleared up my trunk!
(and before you ask, Yes, I was a Girl Scout, LOL): 

One more time- this is the final result:

trunk after with Ultimate Heavy Duty Premium Trunk Organizer

Isn't that a HUGE difference?

I can't believe I actually had THAT much stuff in the back! Guess that's what happens when you have a SUV, you know you can carry more, and get in the habit! 15 years is a hard habit to break! And you'd be surprised at how often we use these items! (You can see how the reflective strip is catching the light is this photo too!)

EVERYTHING except the picnic blanket and fold up chairs is IN the tote! And after I took the picture, and moved the tote to the back of the car, I put the blanket up on top, so really it held everything but the chairs! LOL. 

That is a LOT of space cleared out for items, when you are traveling on vacation! 
Can you imagine coming out to put the bags in and your trunk was that clean and ready? 
Yup, I'm thrilled!

Add this to the phone holder, and the next item for review, and you've got a great gift package for Dad for Father's Day, or to put in that new car the grad is getting to take with them to college! You can get all 3 for $50, and give a gift set that keeps on giving, and reminds the lucky recipent of just how much you thought of their needs when you bought them the set! 

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