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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meago Air Vent Car Phone Mount Makes Car Vacations a Breeze!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Meago, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Ahhh Summer....

It's 4 weeks away!

Are you ready? 

Oops- sorry, go scream and come back.


Today, I've got 3 great products that are perfect for all those long Summer car treks this Summer. They also make great Father's Day and Graduation presents!

Undistracted driving is the most important thing when you're traveling by car, especially in areas you don't know! 

This Meago Air Vent Car Phone Mount Holder not only fits perfectly in your car's air vent and allows you to have you map and music at eye level, to keep you from being distracted.

It make look pretty simple, but this car phone holder is a champ, and it is an universal mount, so you can use any phone with it!

With its self-adjusting, extendable clamp, this Meago cell phone mount can hold the most popular cell phone sizes, from 2.15" up to 3.15" wide. Which means it is compatible with most cellphones with 5.5" screens, like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy/series and more! So you never have to worry if you buy a different phone, if it's similar in size, this holder will still work!

With the ergonomic design, you just clamp this car mount to your air vent (but will not work on crisscross pattern style of air vents however), then clamp your phone into the car mount holder, and you're ready to go. Easy peasy!

I really like how SNUG the clamp is. You really have to lock it in place and it TIGHT, so the holder will not move! Plus the spring for holding the phone is very snug. You can use one hand, but it works better with two. You just slide one side of your phone in, and then pull the spring out and away, slide your phone done, and then pull spring back, to lock your phone in place.

I rode around for a day with the holder in place, with a phone in it, just to see how well the clamp stayed in place, and I was really impressed that it sis NOT move at all!

As you can see, I placed my right above the selector tab, to give it a little bit more of a brace, but it really is only needed when I have my phone in its case, as you'll see below.

With its unique 360 Degree rotary ball, this car mount holder allows you adjust your cell phone to any horizontal, or vertical position. As you can see above, with my case is a straight position, it comes down blocking the radio. 

But if I move the ball up a bit (note one finger moved the phone due to its snug fit!), the bottom of the case will actually sit atop the slight lip of the top of the radio and allows for use of the radio buttons as well as keeping the phone steady and not moving! AHA

As you can see, being able to have the phone at eye level means you can easily adjust it for maps or music programs, which makes you want to use them more! 

And because the holder is so tight, you don't have to worry about it suddenly coming loose and flopping face down (that used to happen ALL the time with my previous vent mount holder, so I stopped using it!), especially during critical points in your map directions!

At UNDER $10 (with free Prime shipping), this cell holder is a MUST if you are traveling this Summer in the car, and need to keep your hands free, and your driving undistracted! 

It would also make a great graduation gift, with the next 2 car travel items, I'll be sharing, especially for the grad who is driving far from home, and you want them to have a safe driving experience. The set would also be great for Dad, to update his car, for Father's Day (yes, it's next on the horizon!).

I can't recommend it enough, and once you try it, you'll be doing the same to all you family and friends too!

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