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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Complete Art & Science of Sausage Making Can Bring Sausage BACK to YOUR Grill This Summer! ( Recipe Weekend: )

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Did you know virtually all cultures throughout history have made sausages?

And that the  history of sausages dates all the way back to 830 BC?

Yup, it's VERY possible that even Jesus ate a form of sausage! 

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Learn the secrets of making tempting homemade sausage in your home kitchen with Tonia’s easy-to-follow, mouth-watering recipes. Making sausages is an ancient art that has made a huge comeback in recent years, and while there is a science to making sausages, Tonia takes all the guesswork out of it, making it a fun, safe and exciting project for your home kitchen. She provides all the information you need to get started — from details about the right tools and equipment to an explanation of just how healthy sausages can be when you use the right ingredients and seasonings. There’s an extraordinary variety of recipes that are influenced by sausages from all over the world and that feature a wide range of flavors, from classics like pork, beef, lamb, chicken and turkey to more adventurous options like wild game and fish — and even vegetarian and vegan sausages. Tonia also makes meal planning easy, suggesting pairings for your sausages to showcase your efforts.

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The book gives you a great breakdown on the history of sausage making and along the way also dispels many of the myths surrounding sausage being bad for your health and nutrition. It's ALL in what goes into, and how the sausage is MADE that makes the difference! This book is different in that it actually teaches you about how to incorporate sausages into your healthy diet. Everyone knows that commercially prepared sausages often contain fillers like wheat or breadcrumbs (which means they aren’t gluten-free) and preservatives. And that’s before you even get to the flavor. Sometimes the 'flavor' your tasting isn't the meat at all, but a fine scienced mix of chemicals. ICK! 

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With this book you can make great tasting, healthy sausages yourself, using organic ingredients and no preservatives! And being able to adjust the ingredients and the mixture to the exact flavor your family likes is super! Now there's no complaining about the taste! And you'll know that your sausages are always fresh and preservative free, so they can be served to anyone! 

The directions are super easy to follow in the book and I really like how you have colored pages, illustrating how to make, and then fill casings, using your electric mixer! Time saver 101! There are also a handful of color photos of the different sausages in the center of the book, but most recipes don't have pictures, in case that is an issue for you. But the recipes are really great and you'll be wanting to make most of them! The tips, like the one on the left,  really help you turn out better sausages too!

We did try out the recipe below, only instead of filling into casings, I made up patties and crumbles, and then used for Bolognese sauce and for breakfast burritos. It was delicious! This is a great book and perfect for the person who really want to learn how to keep sausages in their healthy diets, and to be the king of the grill this Summer! And that of course means it's a great gift for Dad, the Sausage grill king!

The Complete Art & Science of Sausage Making sweet italian sausage


In North America, the two most familiar Italian sausages are sweet Italian and hot Italian sausages. They are both fresh sausages (salsiccia fresca in Italian), and they contain similar ingredients, with one notable exception: hot Italian sausages contain copious amounts of hot pepper flakes.This is an easy recipe to make, and one you will want to have on hand at all times in the freezer!

Sweet Italian Sausage
Makes 6 sausages

2 lbs   trimmed boneless pork shoulder blade roast, chilled
1 tbsp  freshly cracked fennel seeds  (see Tip below)
2 tsp   kosher salt                     
1 tsp   freshly cracked black pepper 
1 tsp   sweet paprika                 
1 tsp   garlic powder         
    4 cups red wine or water
    4 to 5 feet hog casing, soaked 120 to
150 cm

1.   Cut pork into pieces small enough to fit in the throat of your grinder. Using the coarse grinder plate, grind pork into a large bowl or stand mixer bowl.
2.   Add fennel seeds, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder to the ground pork. Using your hands or the stand mixer paddle attachment, mix until seasonings are evenly distributed. Add wine and mix until white strands appear in the mixture and a handful of the mixture holds together.
3.   In a small skillet, over medium-high heat, saut√© a small amount of the sausage mixture until no longer pink. Taste the sample, then adjust seasonings as desired.
4.   Stuff sausage mixture into prepared casing as directed on page 51. Twist into 6 

Health Fact: One of numerous phytonutrients found in fennel seeds is rutin, a compound with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Oxidative damage and inflammation are both linked to many chronic diseases.  

About the Authors:

Tonia Reinhard, MS, RD, is the Director of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics and the Course Director for Clinical Nutrition at the School of Medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit. Tonia resides in Michigan. 
Brendan Reinhard is the manager of the sausage department at Country Smoke House in Almont, Michigan. 
Brent Mitchell is the head chef at Country Smoke House, which specializes in sausage making, barbecue, butchery, smoked meats and catering.

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  1. I want to be able to make our own sausage. I want to get the meat grinder and the sausage studding attachments for my Kitchenaid.


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