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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Buy Twist and Seal Products Now and Have a SAFE and DRY Holiday Season This Winter!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from twist and Seal, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them. 

I know it's not even July yet, so I can't claim "Christmas in July' yet, but I have to tell you about the COOLEST product that will make your holiday neater and safer! AND for those of you who have to run outside cords now for the pool, or other play activities outside, you mind find year round use for them too!

close up 2

I don't know about where you live, but it never fails as soon as we put out all the outside Christmas lights, running the exterior extension cords to all of them, it pours rain for what seems like DAYS and DAYS and the yard starts flooding, and next thing you know you're running outside to unplug the cords, worried about water getting side them. BUT with this new product, that's a thing of the past! 

Plus, uou also don't have to worry about hitting the cord connections with a weed eater or curious little fingers from toying with cords and plugs while playing outside, as this new patented product, the Cord Dome,  from Twist and Seal will prevent both from happening!

The weatherproof Cord Dome securely houses large, or multiple cords, and even multi-plug power strips, outdoors, or indoors, too!

Made of  heavy duty commercial grade plastic, UV resistant material, the Cord Dome is uniquely designed to keep MULTIPLE cord connections dry, thanks to it's unique flexible rim, and space between the rim and the dome. 

The Cord Dome comes with 2 ground spikes and pre-drilled hole slots to place the Dome securely into the ground, so it will not move, no matter how windy, or how it gets hit! To use the dome you just stake it into the ground, run your combined cords through it and then place the cover on top, and twist the top, to lock the top to the bottom, Now little fingers can't get into the Dome,  and your cord extensions are secure. I'm not sure who was more in love with the Dome, me or Dad! He said we definitely could have used it last year with the pool pump cord too!

As you saw in my use of the Cord Dome, I made use of the Twist and Seal Cord Protect as well!

The Cord Protect can be useanywhere there is a need to keep exterior electrical connections protected from rain and melting snow, or from curious fingers! It's a quick option, for when you don't want to use the Cord Dome! As you can see, you just put your connects inside, then close and close, using the patented double lock, so that your cords are safe and secure!  And if you're thinking, "hmmm I could use those on the exterior Christmas lights", that is exactly what the Cord Protect can offer you! Our electrical outlets are only on one side of the house, so we HAVE to run electrical cord extensions outside, so we will be buying more if the cord protects for all the lights! They come in packs from 1-10!

And speaking of Christmas lights, Twist and Seal has your interior lights covered too! 

The Twist and Seal Mini Covers small plugs, like those found on Christmas tree and fairy lights! If you have a real tree, you may be worried about running too many lights together and having their combined plugs hanging on a potentially dry tree! The Mini cover takes that fear away!

As you can see the Mini Cover has a sturdy hook to hand from a branch, a hook or whatever you need it be off of. You can use the Mini cover outside too, for patio or Christmas lights, and keep them resistant to rain and melting snow, and safe from shocks too!

And if you're worried about the Minis being very obvious, rest assured they aren't when they are hanging on your tree, as you can see!

They almost look like an ornament, if you look closely, thanks to their design! 

The Mini Covers come in packs of 2 , 4, 10, 15 and 25, so you have plenty to cover all your needs!

All of Twist and Seal Family of Products are made in America and come with a 3-Year Warranty. That is something you can really shout about! Once you try these great products, you'll want them for all your needs!

The Twist and Seal products can be found at Home Depot, Lowe's, Meijer, Ace and United hardaware stores nationwide, as well as multiple retailers online, or through Twist and Seal's website (for special deals)

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