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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Texas Adventures, Part I, Arrival to Texas

This past weekend Miss Grace had her first out of state Irish Dance competition, and we combined it with a mini 4 day 18 hour drive trek vacation!

So in the next couple days, I'll be sharing a few moments from our trip with you!

The proverbial 'Welcome shot:

The beaver got us......

Buc-ees became Miss Grace's FAV stopping place. Sorta reminded me of how Stuckey's was our favorite cross country stop when I was little. Course now of them were the size of a WALMART store! (Hello Baytown!)!

And I think they have just about everything that Walmart does too,just better! LOL

Texas charm was everywhere we looked, even on the back roads and small towns...
quite a few places we'd love to go back and check out! Like this adorable coffee shop...

When you see this in your hotel parking lot, you know things just MIGHT get interesting with a Motorcycle Rally weekend and Irish Dance weekend members staying at the same hotel...

And after a LONG 9 hour drive, Miss Grace still pulled it together to take third in Vocal!
Not sure who was happier- she was thrilled to get a trophy with a Western boot on it- so 'Texas"!

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