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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Texas Adventures Pt II: Austin TX

Continuing our Texas tales......

ready for feis

Miss Grace had a very tough field in her first time out as an Advanced Beginner,
and she wasn't sure she had placed at all, So I recommended taking a time out and checking out Austin, and then coming back to see how she had done (while silently praying she got at least one placement!)

miss grace tx attitude

So we started our mid morning adventures with a Texas size attitude, 
just because she's in Texas....and to aggravate Mom of course! LOL

s congress fd

We started our Austin sighting seeing on S Congress Ave. And honestly didn't go farther than that, as there was just SO SO SO Much to see!

And of course you have to start off with a stop at the local firehouse to say HI!

hill country weavers mural

Hill Country Weavers is an AMAZING yarn shop! Even if you don't knit or crochet, you need to go in and check out the amazing displays- the colors will inspire you!

hill country weavers entrance
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Which makes since, as the front door tells All Artists to Enter! 
Miss Grace had a hard time deciding (she takes after a certain 'aunt'), but came home with a lovely verigated green to purple 'grape' yarn for some Irish finger knitting! And they were SO sweet to open up the back classroom, so she could see the sale yarn too!

torchy tacos collage

All those color choices that remind her of food, got her starving, so we went across the street for lunch, literally making it ahead of the lunch crowd by about 3 minutes! Torchy Tacos has some amazing food! Miss Grace gave it a thumbs up before it even arrived, once she saw all the plates coming out of the kitchen, LOL. Then she devoured hers and declared them her FAV tacos!

s congress bike

Continuing down the Ave, we saw vintage and classic mixed with modern and new, and it ALL worked so well together! It's what gives Austin it's 'eccentricity' and uniqueness!

allens boots

And you can't go to Austin without going to Allen's!

Just entering and inhaling that leather smell with fix anything that ails you!
Notice how her 'attitude' has disappeared? LOL

allens boots collage

And of course the boots. And boots And boots.
The collage above were some of our favs, we just couldn't decide what pair we each wanted.
But we had fun trying!

willie nelson wall ural

We had to stop and take this pix for Meme, who's a big Willie Nelson fan!

big top candy taffy display

An even BIGGER smile (not caught by Mom, as it was so fleeting when she realized I was trying to focus the camera) was Big Top Candy!  


This display of salt water taffy was just the top of the iceberg literally! There was candy there for every taste, including some I hadn't seen in forever (anybody remember candy 'cigarettes'? Yup they have 'em, in their own 'cigarette machine!). I literally had to give Miss Grace a time limit or she would never have made it out!

We also sampled the different gift stores, finding some unique pieces of jewelry for different family members, and for ourselves, before we literally got worn out!

amys ice cream and miss grace

When you're hot and tired, there's only ONE solution- Amy's Ice Cream!

We I may have had to wait in line for 20 minutes, but WOW, best ice cream EVER!!!

Miss Grace had Mexican Vanilla ice cream literally blended by hand with fresh strawberries. the flavor was AMAZING!
amys ice cream rocket dog drink

And their Rocket Dog Coffee Mix made with the same Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream? 

feis tx medals

And we got back to find out that not only had she placed n 3 of her 5 dances, she placed 2nd in her hard shoe dance, the hardest one she had! She was BEYOND happy!

miss grac ein pool

And the best way to end a great day in Austin when temps were in high 90's?

The pool of course! LOL

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