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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Think OUTSIDE the Box for Summer Education This Year!

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This is a great reminder, how to make Summer learning activities FUN!
And it ties in with my previous book review post too!

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The conclusion of every school year is a proud time for parents, but it can also be a time of great worry. There are headlines all over the news landscape regarding the dangers of summer. Whether it is idle minds that can get kids in trouble or the blistering hot sun, parents on a budget can have a tough time figuring out ways to keep their kids active and engaged in the summer.

kids and rookie chef island

Courtesy of Rookie Chef

Rookie Chef’s, Founder and CEO, Vanessa Retter is imploring parents to consider the benefits of cooking this summer to keep their children happy and safe while learning valuable lessons outside of the classroom. Rookie Chef began when they 

launched a custom kitchen island that allows kids to cook their own meals and have fun with their families.

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The CDC sites  in an article that the majority of dangers kids face during the summer months are caused by a lack of supervision outside (I know what you're thinking, how did WE survive childhood, LOL). By spending time teaching kids in the kitchen, parents put their children in a better position to reduce those dangers.

According to Retter: 

- Learning to cook has a cool factor that it didn’t used to have. This is evidenced through shows like Chopped Junior, Kids Baking Championship and Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook Off. (Like our very own Northshore Chopped Junior winner, Emily Roche, who has inspired lots of kids, including Miss Grace, to up the ante on their basic cooking skills).

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- Teaching your kids to cook their own meal, at their own private cooking station, designed for their size will allow them to not only learn how to cook, but how to take ownership and responsibility to create something, they can be proud to show their family. (Even if you don;t have the extra space for a Rookie Chef counter, why not designate a section for them? Miss Grace has her own drawer, with kid size cooking items, like chopping board and knife, that she knows how to use and will grab them to cook!)

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Cooking in the summer is great because it keeps kids indoors on those blistering hot days (hello, the South is an OVEN right now, we won't go out unless we have to!), but it also keeps them active, and away from the television or video games.(and that is a good thing indeed!). 

Plus cooking can help kids work on their math skills too, with using fractions to divide ingredients! Not to mention working those creative brain muscles! 

Cooking allows kids to become empowered and creative, to take ownership and pride in their work. Remember, cooking is a learning process for your kids – their cake may not turn out, they might burn your food, it’s ok. Perfection is not required. This learning process is a great opportunity to spend time teaching them important life lessons!

So what do you think about Vanessa's tips?

About the Author:

Vanessa Retter, the Founder and CEO of Rookie Chef, is available to discuss the impact cooking can have on a child’s life, the benefits of teaching valuable life lessons in the kitchen, and the importance of tackling different activities with your kids. Vanessa and her family not only enjoy cooking together, but spending time outdoors, gardening, fishing, and exploring nature

About Rookie Chef: 

Rookie Chef is a well-designed and engaging kitchen solution that inspires children to learn and grow in the kitchen. Unprecedented design and innovation in kitchen tools for kids 4-12 is evident in Rookie Chef products. Rookie Chef is part of Rookie Brands, an organization that strives to help kids aged 4 to 12 reach their full potential by providing them with the tools they need to feel confident in the kitchen and beyond. To learn more about Rookie Chefs, visit  http://www.RookieChefs.com.

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