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Monday, July 11, 2016

BODYARMOR is the Drink That Can Help Your Kids Power Thru Summer Camp!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge,from Body Armor, via  #BlogginMamas,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Last year I told you about a very important Summer camp study:

The University of Connecticut’s Department of Kinesiology published a study in 2010, on children at sports summer camps, showing that children rarely drink enough fluids to support their activity level. Most of the kids studied were already dehydrated when they arrived at practice, and then became more-so, despite the fact that they believed they were drinking enough.

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In fact, in order to keep from being dehydrated by all that activity DURING the day's work, they need to have a water or BODYARMOR break every 15-20 minutes! 

Now think for a minute. How many of your kids are getting that? 

I know mine does during her Irish Dance camps, but this past week at her Summer Performance camp? Nope, they stuck to the one hour rule. Which explains why the kids were so worn out and exhausted when they got home- they were battling dehydration!

If that sounds familiar, then check out how BODYARMOR can help your kids not only keep dehydration at bay, but also keep their muscles healthy!

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Did you know that during very high-intensity activity, like that of soccer with sudden sprints, and prolonged running, and constant increased heart rate, your muscles require more energy than your body can make by breaking down carbohydrates and using oxygen. Generally this limit is reached at an HOUR. The sugars and carbohydrates in Body Armor  are a FAST way to get energy, to help your child's body needs to maintain their blood sugar level during their activity, and that equals energy and a way to delay muscle fatigue. 

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BODYARMOR has more potassium-packed electrolytes than other sports drinks targeted at kids, but it is also lower in sodium, meaning your kids (or you) will get a faster muscle recovery (reducing cramping), while giving your body what it needs to re-hydrate quickly, and to not be giving it more salt than it needs. Then add in their  high dose of vitamins, and your child will be getting vitamins their body needs to recover from strenuous activity too! BODYARMOR is made with coconut water, that contains Vitamin B and electrolytes naturally, for even more benefits. As a Mom, you can feel happy, knowing that BodyArmor has NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Plus the kids LOVE the taste, so you're both happy with BODYARMOR!

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Miss Grace took a bottle of BODYARMOR with her to camp everyday, and drinking half at lunch time, to help her recover from the morning's activities, and prepare her body for the afternoon session. She then drank water during the morning and afternoon periods as well. Then when she left, at the end of the day, she drink the rest of the BODYARMOR drink. As she's only 9, and 1 bottle of BODYARMOR is actually TWO servings, by breaking it up, shes was not getting too much sodium, calories (140 calories per BOTTLE) or sugar (9 tsp of sugar er bottle) at one time!

BODYARMOR comes in 8 great-tasting flavors: Fruit Punch, Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Mixed Berry, Grape, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime and new Blackout Berry. Miss Grace declared a tie between Fruit Punch and Mixed Berry as her favorites right now, but also she really liked the Blackout Berry when we found it in Texas last month!

You can use the BODYARMOR store locator to find a store, like Target and Albertsons, near you today. BODYARMOR is even carried at convenience stores like Circle K, Pilot Flying J, Murphy Express and Kangaroo Express, so you can grab your child a bottle on the way to their camp, if  they forgot it and you realize it right before you get to camp! But don't forget to score a great coupon before you head out!  Check out their Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram pages. too for more fun and info! 

And then YOU can help your kids re-hydrate the RIGHT way this Summer!

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