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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to Get That Charcoal CLEAN Feeling on a Budget!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Moody Zook, via Tomoson,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own

I've shared with you just how AMAZING activated charcoal toothpaste can be,
 for giving you that 'just from the dentist' CLEAN feeling.

But unfortunately charcoal toothpaste can be on the expensive side.

So I was thrilled to find a product that can not only give you the SAME great clean, 
but on a serious budget friendly cost!

Pure Activated Charcoal Powder

For the same price of one tube of toothpaste, you get 8.8 oz! 
And because it is a loose powder, you can use it for more than teeth cleaning!

Pure Activated Charcoal Powder,  bags

I was really impressed when I received my bag, as not only was there an interior bag, there were 2 more! And the innermost bag is dark, to help protect the charcoal! The fact that it is so well bagged, means you are getting what you actually paid for in weight! There's not much chance of it leaking out during shipping!

This Pure Activated Charcoal Powder by Moody Zook is made from premium coconut shells from sustainable Indonesian sources. The coconut shells are then heated until activated charcoal/carbon is achieved. Nothing more is ever added! Activated charcoal produced from coconut shells is of a much higher quality than activated charcoal carbon from other hardwood sources! 

Pure Activated Charcoal Powder,  inside bags

Now this does mean it can be a bit of a pain to get in and out, but I found using a large stainless serving spoon worked the best for putting into my 'teeth brushing' container, and a silverware set tea spoon (yes we have older sets that actually HAVE those) worked for smaller amounts. If you try to pour out of the bag, you'll just have a mess that is HARD to clean up!

If you recall, activated charcoal is a 100% natural substance that binds with impurities, including stains from coffee, tea, or other tooth-staining beverages and foods and removes them from your teeth, naturally! It also helps improve gum health and prevent tartar/ plaque buildup, by getting rid of food left between teeth, which then helps to prevent tooth decay. When you brush with activated charcoal, your teeth will feel the cleanest they have ever felt, without having had to go to the dentist!

Pure Activated Charcoal Powder,  in sm container

What we found works best for using the activated charcoal, is to put it in a smaller container, so that it is easier for everyone to dip their toothbrushes into. Just be sure it's not a container that is near and dear to you, as the charcoal may end up staining it. I had a small plastic container left over from another review, so I cleaned it really well, dried it and then put 2 spoons of charcoal into it.

You just dip your toothbrush lightly in water, shake off, then dip int the activated charcoal powder jar, and then gently brush your teeth, in small circular motion, making sure to get along the gum line. Be sure to rinse well, as the charcoal will remain on your teeth if you don't and that is not a look you want. Instead you want the bright shining look you get! Also be sure to rinse your sink VERY well, as charcoal spit CAN stain your sink, if left in place! The kids will think it a game to clean away the "dirt" from their teeth! While you can use daily, I would really recommend only using the charcoal 2-3 times a week, as it gives such a thorough cleaning, you don't need more than that.

Pure Activated Charcoal Powder,  tooth blend

Now speaking of the kids. Miss Grace LOVES the clean she gets from the charcoal, but hates the 'boring' taste. Which is understandable, as this is raw activated charcoal, meaning it doesn't have any added sweeteners. So yeah, it's 'blah'. My solution was to put the charcoal on one side of the jar and add a tablespoon of baking soda to the jar. I then used food grade Peppermint Oil and sprinkled some on top of the baking soda. I then waited for it to air dry, then closed the container and shook it. Now the charcoal is infused with peppermint, for a tastier cleaning, and the baking soda is a natural cleaner as well. 

If your kids really object to the dry charcoal, you could mix it with coconut oil, and the baking soda/peppermint oil, for a mix more resembling toothpaste they know.

Pure Activated Charcoal Powder,  on fingers

This activated charcoal is really super fine and It feels smooth and velvety on your hand. As you can see above, it isn't gritty at all!  It also easily mixes with water or essential oils. I love that is is safe and gentle for everyone in the family to use too! 

Because the powder is so fine, it can also be used as a face mask, for gentle exfoliation and pore cleansing. It does this by removing dead skin cells and dirt, leaving your skin smooth and pores tighter, giving a more youthful look! I like to make mine by using Jojoba oil and a touch of tea tree essential oil. Together with the charcoal, they leave your skin super soft and clean! It also helps to clear up acne, and keep it from occurring!

Got a splinter? I saw this on the web and tried it- mix some of the charcoal in with baking soda, and a touch of coconut oil, and place on a splinter, cover with a band-aid (and stay off the foot, if that is where it is) for at least a few hours. When you remove the band-aid, the splinter will come out. easy peasy. The baking soda and charcoal work together to expel the splinter naturally- no digging with tweezers and causing an infection! Works GREAT for kids

Activated charcoal can also help with insect bites, bee stings, and wound cleansing. Simply blend in a small amount of coconut oil or any essential oil, with the charcoal, and apply to the sting/wound. You can also use it for gas and bloating!  Just mix 1 tablespoon (1/2 for kids) with a glass of cold water,  and take when you have gas/bloating. You'll be amazed at how well, and quickly it works! Even Miss Grace is converted to using it and willing to take it when she's miserable, as she know it will WORK. 

If you're going camping this Summer, activated charcoal can be your all-in-one first aid and oral care, allowing you to only carry 1 product with you! Score! 

Even at home, you might find yourself reaching for the activated charcoal more and more, once you have this size bag around! And because a little goes a LONG way, you definitely get your money's worth with this 8,8 oz bag from Moody Zook! So give it a try and you'll be convinced it can be your all in one too!

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