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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ready, Set, GO! Back to School With Ease With These Accessories! (review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these product, free of charge,from My Phone Pocket and Belkin, via Amazon vine, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

back to school button

Some of us have school starting in 2 weeks.

Yeah, I know.

Did you hear my scream???
It's a mixture of relief, joy and anxiety. 
4th grade- will be survive?

In any event, there is one thing that comes to mind at Back to School time-
no not new smell of new pencils, the promise of a new backpack, the allure of shiny new shoes...

No.....the need to get back into time manager mode! The LONG days of school and extra-curriculars are about to begin and that means YOU will be on the road a LOT. Now's the time when you start looking at your cell phone and wondering if you need an upgrade to a better one, with a longer battery life, better camera, etc.to get you through the school season....

But while you're debating that point, I have 2 new GREAT cell phone accessories that can help update your current phone and help you out, ALL year long!

belkin wall charger

The MIXIT home charger offers FAST, convenient charging for smartphones, tablets, and any other device that charges via USB cable. It plugs directly into your AC wall socket, so you'll always be within reach of a quick battery boost, without having to connect your devices to a computer or bulky docking port, that may not be handy to the room you're in.

belkin wall charger setDesigned for 110V power outlets, you get a 4' length iPhone cable with the charger. With its matte metallic finish and braided cable jacket, this cable sports a sleek and modern look. However, the base unit itself is compatible with any USB charging cable that you have for YOUR device! You can order the samsung cable  as well, to go with the charger. The charger always delivers the maximum amount of power required to charge your device--up to 2.4 amps, which is up to 40 percent faster than ordinary 5-watt chargers. A quicker charger means you get out the door faster, and safer, knowing your have a cell fully powered! 

The charger can take an iPad 4th-generation tablet from zero to 100 percent charge in just 6.2 hours, compared to 10.3 hours with a regular 5-watt charger. AND  it also syncs music, and pictures, to/from your laptop in seconds! 

belkin wall charger in useThe first time we tested the charger, it took Miss Grace's tablet from 10% to 100% in about 30 minutes, while we were cooking dinner. I was totally shocked that it charged THAT fast, but apparently it can, When I put a Samsung regular cable in and charged my S5, it went from 20% to 99% in about 20 minutes. Now on the second charge, it took 30 minutes, put I think that might have been because they kid left some apps open, and it's always slower when the apps are open. BUT what was amazing to me was how well that power LASTED. After charging my phone that first time I ended up catching up with an old friend later that might and the phone last for 3.5 hours, with me sending texts and photos, in the middle of the conversation, as well making use of the calendar and calculator apps. That hasn't happened since I first got the phone (and before the AT&T updates and apps killed its battery power). The next day after charging the phone on my old charge, I barely got a 2 hours call out of it. Huh! I was sold! The kid loves how quick she can charge her tablet, as her games are so intensive they just suck the battery down quickly, and she loves how the red light glows, letting her know it IS working and charging her device.

Courtesy of Pixabay
The price may seem hefty ($40 for set, $27 for charger only) BUT the time saved waiting on devices to fully charge is HUGE, AND Belkin offers you a $2,500 Belkin connected equipment warranty, against power spikes damaging your device while charging with their unit. Think about that for a sec. If you live in a thunderstorm prone area, that can be a lifesaver, covering the cost of items not covered by insurance deductible!  This is one cell/portable device accessory you MUST have to protect your valuable data, contacts and everything else on your devices! it would make a great gift for the coed heading off to college too- it's one of making sure their phone is available for them to use in case of an emergency!

The other accessory may seem like an afterthought, rather than a needed accessory, but let's admit it, how many time do you really JUST need your cell phone, drivers license, money and/or debit card, and car keys? Especially when you'r heading off to yet another practice drop off, do you want to lug your purse around? Or would you rather just be able to slide your DL, money and card into the back of your phone, without having to take off the cover (which is always a pain to get back on, right??)?

Your solution is here!

my phone pocket with coffee
Meet the MyPhonePocket

Simplifying your life is as easy as sticking MyPhonePocket on the back of your smartphone. Inexpensive and innovative, it will keep your ID, credit cards and cash organized, in one easy to access place. This “mobile wallet” offers tons of fun designs and patterns to choose from, so your phone still says YOU! 

my phone pocket You can even customize a pocketto match your personality! Get your name or choose a picture of your loved one to add a personal touch. 

How it works is easy:
Just peel and stick. The lycra pocket with 3M adhesive, attaches securely to any smartphone case. It holds ID's, credit cards, cash and even earbuds (talk about handy!). The sleek design makes it light and inconspicuous, yet the over 200 designs from MyPhonePocket (Kudos MyphonePocket for putting Dance under Sports too!) allow you to show off your personality, or favorite team too! You can match your phone, your style or personalize it any way you want! Look at the fun samples we were sent:

myhone pockets

myhonepocket on phone
As you can see MyPhonePocket is the perfect size at  2 1/4" x 3 1/2". It fits well on my cover, and still allows my phone camera, pulse reader and speaker to work, This is a great way for busy parents, and students, who need to lighten their load, and don't need to bring their bulky wallet with them, to streamline and be ready to go in a minute! Miss Grace already declared she wanted one for her tablet, to put her earphones in too! And I have to admit that it's a great way to keep them handy when traveling in the car, or at competitions! With MyPhonePocket, you can keep their cash and most-used cards right where they need them, in your hand!

MyPhonePocket retails for $12.95 ONLY at www.myphonepocket.com. 
They are perfect for teens, coeds and parents alike, and are perfect for party favors too! You can get them in bulk (50 or more) for a one-of-a-kind party treat, or for a FUN and creative band/team/cheer fundraiser! And to make you want them even more, we're offering one reader the chance to try them out!

flashing Win

myphonepocket giveaway


One reader will win this adorable MyPhonePocket for their own

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