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Thursday, July 7, 2016

ROTABALL PRO is the ONLY Camera Strap YOU Need!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Sun-Sniper
for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own,

SUN-SNIPER, designed in Germany (where so many tech advances have come from), revolutionizes the camera strap and introduces new features that will make a camera strap seem revolutionary!

SUN-SNIPER is already well know for its innovative product design, providing the greatest professionalism, comfort and safety, and being ready to shoot in a flash


I recently was sent a ROTABALL PRO to check out and let me just say- WOW!

I thought I had a great camera strap, but just like when you go from a point and shoot to a DSLR, it difference is mind-blowing! Unfortunately, it came in AFTER vacation (naturally), so it took me a bit longer to check out its uses, on a more daily basis!

ROTABALL PRO collage 1

If the strap looks different, it is because it IS! It features a very smooth, padded SHOULDER PAD, that is in 2 pieces, to allow it to SIT on your shoulder, I know, what a concept right? Plus it can be switched for left and right handed people! And not only are they nicely padded, as you can see on the bottom left picture above, they have a smooth leather back, to keep them in place on your should, and not sliding all about! This is HUGE, trust me- it is the one thing that has always irritated me about camera straps, how they don't STAY on your shoulder. But with the Under-Arm-Strap positioner PITT, this strap does JUST that! And it may seem weird to have a SHOCK-ABSORBER (bottom right pix above) on a camera strap, but trust me it is SO back and neck friendly, taking the WEIGHT of the camera off of your neck, you'll wonder why other's don't have it too! 

Sun-Sniper recently updated all of their SNIPER-STRAP camera systems with a new ROTABALL connector and blokker, for a truly UNIQUE way to connect your strap and camera!

ROTABALL PRO breakdown

The stainless steel mono-multi ball bearing (a large ball turning in 32 small balls),allows the camera to pivot freely and without obstruction. And as you can see, it is not a small connection either- If you looks at the first picture below, you will see how much BIGGER the connection is. That alone makes you feel like your camera is more secure on the strap. Seriously look at the pix- it's almost DOUBLE in strength! But it doesn't stop there- the rubber washer has a SNAKESKIN structure to provide even safer connection to the strap, so you have a SNUG fit!

ROTABALL PRO collage 2

As you can see, the camera can easily rotate with the ball connection, for a more fluid rotation and one that is much QUICKER as well. I found myself being able to rotate my camera up twice as quickly to get a shot, and with less effort. I almost felt like a pro, with being able to have that quicker reaction time!

But if you are traveling, the new Blokker system on the strap provides you with a HUGE amount of protection! This newly developed pin, literally blocks the connector at the camera itself, to prevent the camera from being unscrewed by anyone not authorized to do so. This means someone can't just walk up behind you and try to unscrew you camera off the strap without you being aware! The blokker keeps that from happening! As you can see in the bottom left pix above, the blokker is on your strap when you get it it, you just take it off, insert the strap on your camera, and then put the blokker back on, making sure to have it snug up against the top (bottom right pix above). It can be rotated to the front, or back, depending on your preference, for having it out of your way while shooting. I like it toward the front, as my screen is low in the back.

rotaball insurance graphic

An added security measure is the invisible steel cable, called CUTTER-CRASHER, that literally makes your SNIPER-STRAP slash proof, so no one can steel your camera off your shoulder! And they are so sure of the cable, they are they ONLY camera strap company to offer “INSURANCE“ for your camera! If a thief manages to cut your strap, your camera is insured by SUN-SNIPER for up to $ 1,000.00! How cool is that?

ROTABALL PRO collage 2

Add in their swing minimizing LIMITER, that truly prevents the camera from swinging back and forth while on your strap, and you have a camera strap you will WANT to use all the time!  I was SO SO SO impressed with this strap right from the box! It fit where it needed to (except for under arm strap, that had to be shortened a tad) and it was SO SO SO comfortable to wear. the shoulder strap did NOT move, the camera didn't swing back and forth on my hip (SO annoying), and I actually felt like I could wear the strap ALL day, which I have never felt with a camera strap! AND is was So easy to use, that I actually will consider bringing my camera with me more often, as this strap erases all prior issues I had with my old camera strap! What all the improvements Sun-Sniper has made, amounts to a strap that keeps your camera in PLACE, where YOU want it, and is a dream to wear! Add in their 5 yr warranty and you have a strap you'll want to tell everyone about!!!

toaball strap choices

There are 7 different ROTABALL straps, so you can find the one that not only fits how you use your camera, but your body preference! Plus you can purchase an AC-ACTIVITY-CLIP attaches your camera to your belt, keeping your camera snug and tight, which is great for when you are taking it with you for say hiking, biking and climbing.

With all this goodness, why wouldn't you upgrade your camera strap like you've upgraded you camera?

So head on over to the Sun-Sniper website today and find the Rotaball strap for
 YOU and elevate your photography today!

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  1. I don't have a fancy camera, but I am sure that strap would work well to carry a large camera around.


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