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Monday, August 15, 2016

Airplus Makes Back to School COMFORTABLE!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these  products, free of charge,from Airplus, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

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Back to School is here, and you know what that means...

Your FEET are about to get some heavy workouts, with running the kids everywhere and having all the extra functions to attend!

So why not be comfortable?

With the line of Airplus foot products, you can do just that!

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Airplus – the pioneer in unique, comfortable and fashionable foot care accessories understands that being a mom – whether a working mom, stay-at-home mom or an everything-to-everyone mom – is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs out there! Between running after toddlers, keeping the family on a schedule and the tasks of everyday life, moms are constantly on the go. And they want to help you be comfortable and relax when you get home!

airplus foot products

These 3 products are perfect for heels, flats, booties and boots!

The Airplus Ball-of-Foot Cushions, made with Invisigel, provide superior shock absorption and long-lasting comfort. The clear gel means you can wear them with open-toed or strappy shoes, without anyone noticing!So they're perfect for your transition shoes for Fall, especially those open toed booties! I don't know about you, but anytime I have a heel over 2 inches anymore, I NEED these cushions, as my arch will put all the weight on my ball, causing pain and not allowing me to walk much in the higher heeled shoes. But with these cushions, I'm good for hours!

Make your feet forget they’re in heels with the Airplus Hug My Heels Gel Heel Liners. These liners improve fit and stop rubbing in a flash! Also made with clear gel, these silky smooth liners discreetly blend in for added for added comfort. I never seem to get perfect fits with boots- if they're wide enough for my toe bed, then they're too wide in the heel. Sigh. But thanks to these smooth liners, I can kiss heel slip goodbye! now I can wear my favorite boots all day long!

We bought Miss Grace a set too for her Irish dance shoes, as she has one foot that is literally 1/6th longer than the other and it causes her to have to wear one shoe a size larger. Thanks to the heel liner on the smaller foot's shoe, she can wear a matching pair of shoes!

The Airplus Fantastic Footie is low-cut footie, super soft memory foam is sewn into both the heel and ball of foot, providing long-lasting comfort.These are SO perfect for heels and light flats,to give you support, but not bulk, and without anyone noticing you have them on, thanks to their nude nylon color! They're the perfect option for Fall where you want to wear your heels comfortably, but not wear pantyhose!

airplus Plantar Fascia Orthotic Insoles

Plantar Fascia Orthotic Insoles ease heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Its slim design provides stability, won’t crowd toes and fits in most footwear – providing all-day comfort!

With these flats, who had replaced the next ones, I was starting to feel heel pain, as the heel was wearing down faster than the rest of the sole, so some off reason. By using these insoles, it was like having a pair of brand new shoes again! The red gel heel spot REALLY absorbs your strike of heel and makes it feel SO great, while the padded arch supports and keeps your arch in place, to prevent any foot roll. the result are shoes that feel new and were so comfortable that I wore them 4 hours of walking, 3 hours of driving, and 2 more hours of walking with NO foot pain! Woo hoo! I love how they don't have a toe area, so your foot has a more natural arch and feel too! I'll be getting these for all of my shoes!

airplus memory plus insoles

 For everyday comfort, Memory Plus Insoles are responsive memory foam insoles that mold to your foot and help evenly distribute pressure, providing cushiony, flexible support with every step. They are definitely thicker than your traditional replacement insoles, so make sure your shoe can account for that, or you might have to wear thinner socks, or shoe lines instead of your regular socks.

I've had these black flats for 5 years? They are so perfect for casual wear all year long, with or without socks, and by adding the Memory Plus Insoles, they are now back to being comfortable! After 5 years the padding is pretty much gone, as you can see, making wearing them for over an hour pretty rough on my feet. But with the new insoles, I was able to wear them for 12 hours with no problems or sore feet! YEAH, my favorite shoes are BACK!

And after a long day of activities, you'll want to slide on a pair of  Spa Socks

airplus spa socks

Infused with soft, soothing Aloe and Vitamin E – and enjoy some well-deserved TLC!   

These socks are perfect for gift giving too- add them with a favorite bubble bath and tea, and you have a great Teacher;'s Gift, stocking stuffer for a harried mom, or add some toe polish and a music card for a teen! They come in a variety of patterns, so you'll find the perfect one. Plus they have a spa set with them and 3 other products for a perfect foot treatment day!

But if you're getting a pair for yourself, buy 2! As you may find your pair disappearing like mine did and reappearing on the kid's feet ("But MOM, they're sooooo soft, like clouds for my tired feet!").

You can get all of these great Airplus products at your local CVS, Dollar General, Fred Meyer, Fred's,  HEB, RiteAid, Tagret or Walgreen's/ Plus they are available at other local stores too, just look for their pink packaging in the foot care or shoe aisles!

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