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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Book Review: The Me, Me, Me Epidemic- A Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World by Amy McCready

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Here's the last of our biweekly review of the latest parenting books!

I hope you have found one that can offer you some great new insights!
This one talks about a concept, those with kids under 18 are all having to deal with!
The Me, Me, Me Epidemic cover

Cure your kids of the entitlement epidemic so they develop happier, more productive attitudes that will carry them into a successful adulthood.

    Whenever Amy McCready mentions the "entitlement epidemic" to a group of parents, she is inevitably met with eye rolls, nodding heads, and loaded comments about affected children. It seems everywhere one looks, there are preschoolers who only behave in the grocery store for a treat, narcissistic teenagers posting selfies across all forms of social media, and adult children living off their parents.

Parenting expert Amy McCready reveals in this book that the solution is to help kids develop healthy attitudes in life. By setting up limits with consequences and training them in responsible behavior and decision making, parents can rid their homes of the entitlement epidemic and raise confident, resilient, and successful children. Whether parents are starting from scratch with a young toddler or navigating the teen years, they will find in this book proven strategies to effectively quell entitled attitudes in their children.


Over-entitled children seems to be a catch phrase lately, and like all 'fads', it's based on fact. The younger generation has been given soooo many more opportunities than their parents were given, have access to electronic media from an early age, and have a more 'inclusive' sports.  So yes, they do have a tendency toward the 'me, me, me' attitude. This book takes that concept and offers valid ways to combat it.

The best part in the book is that it isn't just suggestions, Amy gives you actual scripts, so you can see how a dialogue with your child about cutting back on screen time, having to save for special items or completing projects by themselves can, and should go. You know your kids, you know how they will argue. Amy takes the common denominators, and gives you suggested dialogues that will WORK.  You CAN change you kid's behavior. But it takes effort and follow through!

I am thankful everyday that my child attends a school that encourages kids to be emphatic toward their fellow students, and that because it is Christian, service to others is constantly developed. But if you don't have that, then the chapters on service and gratitude are priceless, and perfect for creating a change not only in your child, but in your family!

All in all this is a great book, which is why I wanted it to be the last one we covered, as it is the one that EVERY family needs! Parents need to read this when their children are young, and keep using it as they grow to ensure that they have kids who are amazing emphatic adults! I can't recommend it enough!

About the Author:

Parenting expert Amy McCready is a “recovering yeller” and the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions. Her most recent release was If I Have to Tell You One More Time: The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling (Perigee, 2011). A champion of positive parenting techniques for happier families and well-behaved kids, she reaches a worldwide audience with her Positive Parenting Solutions Online parenting course, web and print articles, live webinars, and media appearances. Amy is a frequent guest on the TODAY show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, and elsewhere. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two sons. Learn more at www.AmyMcCready.com

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  1. This sounds like a must read for any parent!


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