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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

May Arts Can Get YOUR Holiday Crafting Off to a Rolling Start!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from May Arts Ribbon, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them,  all opinions are my own. 

Fall is ALMOST here and you know what that means.....

115 Days to Christmas.

You can scream, I understand....

So what if I told you I have found THE dolution for quick and easy holiday decorations, gifts and even gift wrapping? 

You'd be overjoyed, right?

Don't those ribbons from May Arts look just amazing?

The holiday’s are a time for gathering with family and friends and giving, and better way to give a gift than have it beautifully wrapped and tied in a big, beautiful bow with May Arts ribbon? Give your loved ones a gift they won’t want to open because the present is just that beautiful! 

Here's a closer look:

May Arts produces some of the most high quality and beautiful ribbons on the market and with their superior design, they are sure to awe your family and friends this season!

Not only can you use May Arts Holiday Ribbons for wrapping, but to decorate your home! Nothing says elegance like bright, colorful, thick ribbon cascading down the railing of your staircase. Or, picture the perfect touch to your Christmas tree being ribbon delicately twirled around your ornaments, or weaving in and out of the centerpiece for a family feast. With May Arts, the sky’s the limit! If you can dream it, May Arts can provide it!

I was sent a selection of their adhesive ribbon to review. 

Opening the box was like a crafters box from Santa!

There were 3 different types of ribbons, in varied colors;

This selection of rosette ribbon comes in 5 colors- white, beige, pink, red and black. As you can see the fabric rosettes are attached to a sheer organza type ribbon, with an adhesive back, making for easy attachment. These ribbons would look adorable on packages for little girls, for a special birthday present and even for a fun Halloween present!

This next selection will have you running around thinking of everything you can put it on!

The fleur de lis scroll is SO intrique- just look at that close up of the back- you can see how CLEANLY it is cut out!  It comes in four colors- silver, gold, red and black, perfect for holiday decorting! I LOVE it! It looks great on anything you put it up against. I even considered using it as cabinet shelf trim, it's SO SO pretty! I'm saving this one for holiday decor and special packages!

The last selection was a set of 4 sequined heart ribbons in 2 different sizes (5 and 10 yards) and 4 colors- red, silver, gold and bright pink! 

And yes, the Irish Dancer DID scream "OOOOOOO" when she saw them!

We'll be decorating items for her, but in the meantime, we both knew exactly where we wanted to use them- on her Native American regalia for a local pow wow in November. Because she's grown from toddler to almost adult (eek), I ended up taking one of my dresses and altering for her, but it still needed to say 'little girl' and 'bling'. 

Now I pulled up the Mays Arts shoppe website and chatted with one of their specialist who confirmed the ribbon isn;t made for sewing, so it would need to be hot glued or fabric glued down on fabric, and there would be no guarantee that it would last. So as we only plan on using it for 1-3 pow wows, I figured we could survive, if I glued it really well and tacked it down in places.

I started with the belt- I figured I'd try a smaller piece and then see how it held, and go from there. As you can see, I pulled the pink hearts, popped off the flowers and then glued the ribbon down in place. After I got it in place, I decided to leave the flowers off. It held pretty well with the adhesive and fabric glue. I went back and tacked over where the hearts combined, for just a bit of extra insurance!

As that worked so well, I moved on to the back yoke cape. After taking the yellowed fringe off to bleach and wash, I put down a satin dove and jeweled cross, and used the same pink sequined hearts around the border as a trim. Both Miss Grace and I so loved the look, that we decided to keep the fringe off the bottom of it. Some more fabirc glue and tacks and the yoke looks super.

Then it was off to the shawl. The shawl goes from fingertip to fingertip, so it really makes a statement. It is the same bright pink of the sequined hearts from the belt and yoke cape (satin green on back), so we decided to go with the silver sequined hearts as a bottom row, under the applique doves (whoe tails did not want to stay down as you can see, LOL) and jeweled crosses and sunbursts. After a bit of adjustment, fabric glue and tacking, the shawl looks AMAZING! You can see just how much BLING she will get from moving it up and down as she dances! We're still debatign whether to add more of the pink hearts on the underside of the shawl, to tie it into the belt and yolk, as well as using it on the bttom layer of the skirt of the dress. Then we may add a row of silver on the leggings as well. The ribbn is giving her exactly the look she wants!

As you can see these May Arts adhesive ribbons can really take your crafting to a new level! And they are very reasonable priced, and Ribbon Resource gives you $6 Flat Rate Shipping, so you can easily afford multiple rolls at one time! Plus they ribbon comes on great plastic rolls, keeping it nicely in place!

I really can't recommend these ribbons enough! They are the PERFECT holiday solution! Check them out, and you'll agree!

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