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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What do Ireland and Lodi Have in Common?

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books free of charge,from the author, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

Bet that seemed like a weird question, right?

The answer is a new mystery series from June Gillam!

I'll be reviewing (and giving away a copy) the latest (third) book (House of Eire) in the series and speaking with the author in just a couple of weeks, on September 9th, but I wanted to share book 1 and 2 with you today!

house of cuts cover

House of Cuts:
(Book 1)


When bodies of dismembered managers turn up as superstore displays, reporter Hillary Broome’s articles on the grisly murders catapult her byline from California into the national limelight and threaten to expose a shameful secret that could ruin her career—as well as bring her to the crazed killer’s attention. 

Hillary has to connect up with detective Ed Kiffin in a race to catch the insane cutthroat before he tortures and kills a woman who's begun to fill a void in Hillary's heart left by the mother who abandoned her years ago.


Having read all 3 books, I can see where June was finding her way with this series in this book. She sets the main characters, gives you some backstory and jumps right into a murder mystery that leaves you guessing until she exposes who the suspect is, but then the questions is whether Hillary will some the case before Ed or not. Hillary is very likable and readers will be able to relate to her need to cook comfort food and worry about her past coming back to haunt her. It's a super quick read and quite an enjoyable one!

Free Audiobook:

If you interested in checking out the audiobook for this book, in exchange for an Amazon review check with the author on her webpage!!

house of dads cover

House of Cuts:
(Book 1)


When a powerful California developer collapses at a funeral, Hillary Broome's caught in a network of jealousy, greed and secrets that could topple financial institutions and destroy families. In the midst of deciding whether to elope with detective Ed Kiffin, she's forced to investigate suspected foul play from disgruntled home-owners, mortgage bankers, and family members spiraling downward into homicidal madness that puts other lives in danger, as well.


This second book finds Hillary and Ed now dating, and suddenly thrust into the middle of her family, who she hasn't had much to do with, after her father being exiled by his father, for not taking part in the family business. Hillary not only has to work her way around cousins, she barely knows, she has to find the source of the mystery of her cousin's death. Her life is changing and she's not sure she is happy with how it is going, but she isn't one to stand still. June definitely found her footing with the second book in the series, and this book fleshes out the characters background more, and to really grab the reader into the series. I did accidentally read the books out of order, and it was perfectly fine, as June gives you enough background to have an idea of how Ed, Hillary and Sara came together, as a family unit. This is another fun quick read, and I recommend it as well for light Fall reading!

About the Author:

June Gillam teaches literature and writing at a Northern California Community College. She describes this series as psychological suspense novels in which Hillary Broome, reporter and ghostwriter, fends off complex villains of many kinds: a berserk butcher, a demented daughter and a haunted theme park developer. Check out her WebsiteTwitter and Facebook pages for more. 

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