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Friday, September 23, 2016

Can You Really Get Rid of Fatigue THIS Easy???

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Tech V, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

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Today I've got not 1, but 2 kitchen accessories that both fall under the 'I really want, but just never seem to buy for myself" category. 

With the holidays approaching (eek, under 100 days for Christmas!), it' s time to reconsider these items and pamper YOU before the craziness of the season hits!

Here's the first one, stay turned for after today's  Recipe Weekend post, for the seond!

air mat 1

I bet, like me, you've considered buying an anti-fatigue floor mat for the kitchen, but due to the cost, you might have decided to spend your money elsewhere, right?

But what if I told you they REALLY work and not only will your feet, after a long day of chasing kids (at home and at work) be happy, but your back will STOP hurting while spending an hour standing at the stove getting dinner on?

Yup, The claims that the anti-fatigue mats not only relieve fatigue, caused by hard flooring up to 80%,that they promote circulation and that they reduce spinal compression, are TRUE!

air mat 2

We recently got to check out Tech V's Air Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat and I have to tell you, it is one of our favorite products from the entire YEAR of reviewing products!

 Finally your feet, legs and back can RELAX after a long hard day! Seriously! After a LONG day of Irish Dancing this past weekend, Miss Grace came home and went straight to the kitchen, leaned against the sink, and sank her feet into the mat! LOL. She claimed it was like standing on air and it made her legs feel better. Now that kid has just gone the equivalent of 5 miles of walking (!!), so if she says it was instant relief, you better believe it was!

But more so, after a long day, the last thing we want is to to have to stand at the stove cooking for an hour, and then cleaning up the dishes after, right? But it's what we do as parents. But with the Ai Mat anti fatigue mat, it's like giving our feet, legs and back, a mini vacation while we get done what we have to!

It is so amazing how a mat can give such relief to you, while still standing on a hard flat surface! It features a high density polyurethane core, with a memory technology, which amazingly provides the air cushion that makes you feel like you're standing on air, and that never dents in after use! You would think there would be a whole lot more technology going on, for the relief it gives! 

air mat 3

As you can see, it's SO comfy, I can get the kid to do dishes voluntarily now! LOL

But seriously, by moving the mat in between the counter and the sink, I was able to stand and make this week's Recipe Weekend cake from scratch, using the stand mixer, and then do clean up, without having any back soreness from being in one place for so long! 

We keep moving our mat back and forth from in front of the sink, to the stove, for when we will be at either for a long period. We've ALL gotten addicted to using the mat, as it makes SUCH a difference! I will definitely have to get a second mat, as we need them on BOTH places all the time! And you can leave them in place, thanks to their non-slip surface, anti-slip bottom layer ( which keeps the mat in place, no matter how you step on it) and how it always stays flat  (thanks to the Air Mat's beveled, no curl edges and stay flat memory technology!). and so far it has been pretty durable too! It has put up with dropsies with ease, as you just need to wipe with soap and water to clean- and it's been pretty stain resistant (eek marinara sauce!) too! 

In fact, my only complaint is that I wish it was bigger!  The Air Mat is 20x32x3/4, but I'd love to see it longer and a tad wider to account for being in front of the stove, where you might be stepping back to open the oven door, or stepping sideways to grab from the counter top. 

Actually, I'd love a kitchen floor that had the Air Mat laid out end to end, all along the counter and stove area, like a grid! It might make you want to stay in the kitchen and cook all day long! LOL

air mat 4

But remember the Air Mat isn't just for kitchens! It would be a super gift for your hairdresser to put behind their chair, where they spend the majority of their time, for a teacher who stands at a podium or desk most of the day, or for anyone who needs to be at one spot for a prolonged period! 

And right now, the Air Mat is on SALE for HALF price! So you can get 2 for the price of 1! So like us, you can put 2 in the kitchen, or you could keep one and give one as a present! They's make super hostess presents, as so many of us just don't buy them but want them!

So give your tired feet and back a break this holiday season and check out the Air Mat anti-fatigue mat today! You won't be sorry you did!


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