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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


So for the past 6 years, this has been my morning routine....

But now we are seriously considering changing it to this:

(well, with a happier face, LOL!)

This school year has been a struggle. Miss Grace has done well in all but 1 subject, which is at an accelerated level (ie 6th grade words in 4th grade) so understandable. The education isn't the issue.

It's the GETTING of the education that has been the problem.

Instead of dealing with issues from other kids, she's dealing with a teacher who seems to be unable to control a larger class of 28. There is constant talking and a teacher who stops teaching, which means LESS time learning.

Every day has been "I hate my class, I hate school, I don't want to go to school'.

When it doesn't appear that complaints are handled, and the kids get punished for parents complaining, one has to step back as a parent and ask, is THIS environment right for my child?

As an opponent of Common Core, the local magnet, public and Catholic schools are NOT option. In fact, we had kept Miss Grace at her current school, as they were not teaching Commom Core, but using A Beka and while some components were there, it was still old school teaching. 

Luckily I have friends who home school and after hours of discussion with them, I was overwhelmed. But as a good researcher, I requested info, started looking at different programs, and then hit pause, when it seemed like maybe the kid's class was settling down...

So I decided to let things go for the moment, and let God decide where she needed to be.

And then....


The teacher made a comment to the kids that went beyond controlling a class and into a threat. She also stepped outside her bounds as a teacher for discipline. At a public school she probably would have been severly disciplined, and/or fired. 

Talk about God giving you a HUGE sign.....

So now we are back to seeing about arranging things to pull her out and switch to homeschooling.

Sometimes God decides where your child really needs to be, and it might not be where you thought!

While I know the school has given her a great foundation, if your child hates going to school, maybe it IS time to see where she CAN find her happy place again,,,

So the next couple of months may be a bit nuts, and I'm asking your grace now. Prizes might be late getting to you, emails might be days before responses. This will be hard on both Miss Grace and I, and we will have a huge learning curve. Once we get through the change over, then the blog may go through some changes again!

In the meantime, for those of you that DO homeschool- any thoughts on curriulumns, words of wisdom, lessons learned? Comment away or email me please- I can use all the suggestions!

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  1. Nicole,
    I really understand what you are going through. I was a stay at home mom and when my daughter was 3 I was teaching her at home. She was reading at age 3. When she turned five and it was time for school, I put her in public school. Little did I know that she had already learned everything she was going to learn in kindergarten. I asked if they would teach to her level and they said they wouldn't. What was I to do? Then I heard about a parent partnered school through our local school district. My daughter could take classes twice a week with certified teachers and I could home school the rest of the time. It was a perfect fit for us. She then transitioned to public school in 3rd grade and has done very well since. I did the same with my other daughter too.

    Don't let it scare you. There are many resources out there that are really great. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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