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Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy Birthday from Little Remedies- the Majority of You Know Who You Are!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Little remedies, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

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Did you know that TODAY is the day that most Moms in the US 
will be singing “happy birthday” to their kids?

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Yup, more babies are born in the U.S. on September 16 compared to any other date.

Guess we know what everybody was up to back in late December/ January, huh? LOL

Courtesy of Pixabay

And while the predate (5 days) to Fall,and Back to School, is a great time for celebration, for many people it also means the weather is starting to change and adaptation becomes the key as Fall also welcomes in the start of cold and flu season! You know germs are omnipresent, especially if you have kids in school, all those germs are catching free rides home, to spread all over the family, including your infants and toddlers!

Little Remedies knows this, so they came up with a great way to celebrate this special day, with a great new product that is perfect for buying for YOUR househld, as well as for gift giving for any babies born today, or for any baby showers you're attending soon!

Little Remedies® New Baby Essentials Kit provides new moms with everything they need to safely and effectively relieve their babies’ most common symptoms.

Products include
Honey Cough Syrup- Simple three ingredient cough syrup sooths cough day or night. It o=contains ONLY 3 ingredients, and >NO artificial colors or flavors, no saccharin or alcohol, no high fructose corn syrup. And you can start using it at age 1. This is the only product in the package we never used, as we were using anther brand by the time this one came out.

Infant Fever/Pain Reliever- Effective pain reliever with ingredients to bring down your baby's fever.  It also relieves minor aches and pains, which may be associated with the common cold, flu, headache, sore throat or toothache. It contains NO artificial colors or flavors; no alcohol, saccharin or gluten, and comes in great tasting natural berry flavor. I'm not sure we would have survived Miss Grace teething 8 teeth at one time without this great product! It was our go-to pain reliever until Miss Grace started school! And it was great to be able to age up to the Children's Pain Reliever that tastes the same, for no issues with taking it!

Gripe Water-  Relieves stomach discomfort due to hiccups and colic, with no gluten in its formula. I have to admit we used this one pretty much up until last year! And we started when she was an infant! It's handy to know that this and the gas drops can be given to older children as well, making them a portable medicine cabinet for moms with multiple kids!
Gas Relief Drops- Quickly relieves tummy pain from excess gas from food or swallowing of air. With NO artificial colors or flavors, alcohol, saccharin or preservatives, it;s safe for everyone, including newborns. I have to admit, this was also in constant use in our house until we discovered Miss Grace was gluten sensitive. It's safe for everyone in the family, including newborns

•Saline Drops-  Non-medicated relief flushes and removes mucus frolittle noses. It moisturizes nasal passages that are dry, irritated or crusty due to low humidity, heated environments, air travel, allergies or colds, while helping to remove mucus to clean nasal passages. And it contains NO alcohol, so you don't have to worry about any side effects. Used wuth the aspirator, it is a 1-2 combo that WORKS, and did for Miss Graces first 2 years!
Nasal Aspirator- Relief for dry and stuffy noses, works with the Saline Drops

Plastic Syringes to administer the products above with, Little remedies thinks of everything! 
• Zippered Carrying Case - to keep all the products in one place and to take with you on the go! It will fit easily in a diaper bag or purse!

Courtesy of Pixabay
So go sing some happy birthday songs, and be sure to pick up this great  Little Remedies® New Baby Essentials Kit for your house and for gift giing!

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