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Monday, September 26, 2016

Hosting a Fall Festival? You Need this Set!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Ava & Frank, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

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If you are hosting a Fall festival, you know there is one booth that is required:

Yup, face painting, right?

Ava & Frank Face Paint Palette

If you're smart, you've already gotten the super duper Ava and Frank's Super Face Painting kit with paints and brushes, with it's all US made products, that are SAFE for kids.

But what do you do if you have zero face painting ability, or the volunteer who gets assigned to the booth, doesn't ?

Ava and Frank heard your cried of dispair and have come to the rescue (maybe not on the proverbial white horse, but via Amazon, and lately, I'm beginning to think of Amazon like that white horse, as they always have the product I need, but I digress...), with a new product set, that you NEED:

Ava and Frank's ULTIMATE USA Face & Body Paint Accessory Kit 2

The set includes:
1 x Silver Glitter Pot full of Magic Sparkle
1 Fancy Hold-All-Accessories Bag (color varies)
3 x Styled brushes (S/M/L) for awesome, pro strokes
1 x Petal Face Sponge (color varies)- for contouring and application
1 x Wedge Face Sponge - for easy application (Rainbows Popular!)
5 Stencils With 24 Loved Designs.

Let's look closer at the stencil designs you get:

Ava and Frank's ULTIMATE USA Face & Body Paint Accessory Kit 2

BUGS - for boys and girls who love nature - create a spider or Spiderman, butterfly, cute ladybug and bee easily.
SUPER HERO - stars, flashes, bat sign or Power USA!
PRINCESS - reach happily ever after with 7 royal images from popular kids movies - heart, crown, moon, star, flower, sun and for Frozen, Elsa fans the icy snowflake.
MAGICAL - which little girl would not want a mermaid, unicorn, fairy or dolphin on their cheek? These are instant child (and adult) pleasers.
BADDIES. Grab your VILLAIN stencil and you have a shark, skull, pirate, or dinosaur..Raaa.

face paint stencil st collage

The stencils are VERY light weight and easy to use, even one handed (as you can see). They do NOT have any super sharp edges to hurt while applying, and their beauty is allowing whoever is running the booth to offer a set of 20 solo face paints, or an easy combination of them, BUT if you are combining, you may need to wait for the first stencilled object to dry, before laying a stencil over it, as it could smudge the under one. Some of the stencils might be better placed on arms, or hands, but as long as the main shape can be outlined quickly, spider legs can be added freehand, for example, to reduce trying to deal with a stencil that is moving around.I would recommend whoever is running your booth to practice with the stencils for 2 or 3 face paints, to see better how to use them one handed, before trying them on a squiggly child!

compelted stenciled paint

We had some fun with them as you can see! Miss Grace is not a fan of getting her face painted, so she worked on my hand! I would suggest that this might be a great enticement for kids who don't like to get their face painted- by being allowed to pick out a stencil to put on their hand, they are more involved in the process, and more likely to allow it (meaning more funds raised by the booth). You could also use the stencils for fake tattoos' for the older kids and adults! The extra silver paint is great for adding a trail of stardust behind the fairy and dolphin, or for adding accents to the other objects.

The stencils clean up easily with paint and water, just like the paint brushes and sponges, and the brushes from the original paint set.  And I love how Ava and Frank have thoughtfully included a mesh style drawstring bag, that not only keep everything together, but allows for some air drying after on the way home! 

This is definitely a set that will get used over and over, and we highly recommend it, along with the Ava and Frank's Super Face Painting kit  for ALL your Fall festival needs.

And don;t forget, Halloween is on the horizon! This kit can help you give your costumed kid some extra pizazz!

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