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Friday, September 16, 2016

Recipe Weekend: How to Make a FUN Low- Carb Dessert!

So I was trying to figure out what to do for Recipe Weekend, as it's been a  LONG week, with all the school drama and all, when one of my bestie's asked to borrow some candy molds so she could make some 'un-candies' for the low-carb diet she's on.

Naturally the only small ones I could find were in the holiday box- Halloween and Easter Eggs. LOL

But she figured since they were just for her, no biggie.

But then she brought me some to taste and I hate a brilliant idea to share them, and the recipe, with you, as they would be SUPER for anyone on a diet this Halloween, and you could alter the recipe for ANY time of the year too. Plus the kids might just find them just TOO much fun and have to nibble on them too!

jello candy

Aren't they just too cute?

The recipe is SO simple, it's near criminal!
In fact, they would be a great weekend projects for the kids to make!

Jello 'Candy'
aka make your own Gummies!


1/3 pack of Jello- your choice of flavor
(those on stricter diets can use the Sugar Free flavors)
1 Packet of gelatin
1/4-1/3 cp water (1/3 equals more of a gummy type)


1. Heat water to boiling in a 2 cup glass measuring cup, in microwave
2. Add jello and gelatin and whisk until all combined
3. Optional- pour into a squeezable frosting container, to make it easier to put in candy molds
4. Pour mix into candy molds and them place in fridge to set for 10 MINUTES. They will be done, if you leave longer, ice will form on them! 

jello candy closeup

This amount makes about 40-45 of the small candies, the size as shown in photo above.
Note- if you use bigger molds, then the set time will lengthen obviously. Large molds could take up to 30 minutes to set.
5. Remove from candy molds and place in air tight container

jello candy in jat

A great way to store these fun bites is in a class Mason jar- 
it helps keep them fresh and portable too!

If you have a lot of humidity, you might want to keep them in a cooler cabinet as well.
However, really good luck on having enough to STORE.

Once the kids get a hold of these, they'll eat them like the proverbial 'candy'- they're sorta addicting! LOL

So what do you think?

Gonna make your own batch for the holidays???

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  1. These are really cute! They would be great for Christmas time too! :)


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