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Monday, October 17, 2016

First Day of School, Pt II

Yup, Part II.

After a long discussion, research, prayer (a WHOLE lot), we made the decision that it was better to pull Miss Grace from a too stressful environment, and to allow her to de-school, in order to truly LEARN.

How did day 1 go?

She actually woke up at 8, ahead of her 830 deadline, and was up and at her studies! She finished Math and History (!!!) Before I had breakfast done. AND that included reading 3 chapters!

After breakfast she was dressed and ready to finish! After taking 2 breaks(which included a Science outdoor investigation sheet),  she finished Language, Spelling, Science, extra Math, extra Language and did a Critical Thinking exercise. All before 1130. All she had left was reading for her book report, which she asked to do in the afternoon. I allowed it, as the whole point is to destress her. 

I'm hoping this is a schedule we can keep, but it is so flexible, thanks to using the Easy Peasy online cuuriculmn and some of the A Beka workbooks,  that I can literally have her work any time of day! Tests can be scheduled when she is ready, and KNOW the material, not on a set deadline to meet grading requirements. 

The best part?

No morning fight to get her up and ready for school, no tired kid, no grumpy kid coming home from school dreading hours of homework, and a kid that suddenly has discovered what she loves about school - learning!!!

That is priceless indeed! 

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