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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Goodie Box Brings Back SURPRISE For Adults!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Daily Goodie Box for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.all opinions are my own.

How would you like to get a box of organic, healthy snacks, beauty or skin care items, and beverages to try out?

I know you would, but you've already been down that path, right?

Hours spent trying to cancel subscriptions, when the boxes were too little for the cost, or foods your family hated, right?

But what is you could sample a box of Goodies for 100% no cost,. aka FREE?

daily goodie box logo

Now you CAN, thanks to Daily Goodie Box!

They’ll send you a box of free goodies, and all you do is let them know what you think about the products. Easy peasy!

. Shipping is Free. No credit card required EVER! And it only takes about 3 minutes to sign up! The boxes are always 100% Free to members. And No obnoxious Shipping costs either!

Once you've reviewed a box, you're eligible for another! As long as your demographics match the items in the box, you'll be on the list, as long as they don't run out of boxes! See, easy peasy!

We were sent a sample box to check out:

Yup- lots and lots of goodies, including:

The first 2 products are form the same company- both bars are loaded with nutrient-dense superfoods blended with premium nuts and seeds for a satiating snack. Each bar has been carefully crafted in small batches, using only certified organic, plant-based and minimally processed ingredients. 

Navitas Naturals - Hemp Peanut Barloaded with nutrient-dense superfoods blended with premium nuts and seeds for a satiating snack. It is made from five of the most nutrient-dense functional superfoods including cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, quinoa and hemp seeds. Unfortunately hemp is one of the foods I can't have, so this went to a friend who body builds. He said it was like eating a protein bar, and gave him plenty of energy!

Navitas Naturals - Cacao Cranberry Bar- made from seven of the most nutrient-dense functional superfoods including cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, cacao beans & nibs, quinoa and cacao powder. This one I could eat! It was definitely interesting in the addition of quinoa, nuts and cacao! It seemed a tad dry, but I'm used to that with bars, so it wasn't that big of a deal. But the overall taste was pretty good!

Van Holten's - Pickle-IceSimply put, it’s the same brine in pickles,with additional electrolytes added. It’s a refreshing treat on a hot day, and a great athletic supplement that helps rehydrate and prevent cramps.Essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium can be lost during intense workouts leading to muscle cramps and dehydration. Pickle-Ice helps replace these minerals and promotes a balanced body. Another item that got shared, as none of us like the taste of pickle juice! But a friend's son does and they were thrilled to check it out! It got a serious high 5 from him, after a lengthy soccer match! He said it cooled him down and gave him his energy back!

Beanitos - Black Bean ChipsEvery Beanitos snack is a lean bean PROTEINmachine, packed with rich, delicious flavor and amazing wholesome goodies, like FIBER and ANTIOXIDANTS. We had the basic Black Bean chip, aka the Original flavor. Another no-no for me, but Miss Grace loves them, so she was happy to 're-test' them for me! LOL. She declared them tasty, but they are better with some sort of dip.

Nootrobox - Chewable Coffee Cubes- aha, a product I got to test! LOVE LOVE LOVE> Sometimes you can't bring a cup of coffee into a meeting, where you REALLY need that early monring wake up! THIS product will get you through it! Because these little cubes combine the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea.They pack 50 mg of caffeine (half a cup of coffee) in each cube! And work they do! 2 of these and you'll have plenty of pep for 4-5 hours easy! Be sure to pick up some of these and have in your purse for caffeine emergencies!

The hands down FAVORITE item in the box! 

These Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels from JJ’s Sweets -Smooth coconut cream makes the Cocomel like no other caramel. A mouth watering, smooth and decadent artisanal treat with a delicious and unique flavor. in a word, Blissful! These caramels have all the buttery goodness you love in a caramel, as well as a subtle coconut flavor, that takes the taste over the top! Cocomels also include the many benefits of coconut oil rather than dairy fat. Cocomels are organic, vegan, gluten free, corn syrup free, soy free and Non GMO. These come in 3, 16 and 20 oz sizes. Trust me, once you try them, you'll be HOARDING them away from the rest of the family- so get the largest size you can, if you have to share!

Q Drinks - Q Ginger Beer- Most ginger beers try to be both a spicy soda and a mixer. So they end up doing neither well, and they are low on the spice quotient. And the ones that tend to be way too sweet, like liquid candy.So the company founder made Q Ginger Beer exactly how he wanted it: with an extra big ginger punch, but also clean and crisp,  rather than sickly sweet. It’s exactly what you and your vodka, rum, and whiskey are looking for. And it won’t leave you feeling like you slept in a rum barrel battered by stormy seas. In other words, it’s the perfect Ginger Beer! I can't stand the taste of ginger (used it too much to fight off nauseau) so this one got passed off to a friend who DOES like ginger beer. He declared it pretty good, with a punch he wasn't expecting, but still smooth!

Hampton Creek - Just Mayo- we've reviewed this mayo before and it's our healthy mayo fav! Just Mayo is a tasty alternative to traditional condiments, that is free of cholesterol, gluten, soy, lactose and dairy, or GMOs – great for kids with allergies, and it is Kosher too! And while they may have more than the traditional 3 ingredients, it is because they removed the egg yolks, due to those with allergies. BUT it still tastes JUST like the mayo you know and love (ok so it tastes WAY better, LOL). I love having these packets to take with me to work! Lugging a big bottle is a pain, and it tends to get eaten quickly (for people who don't 'like' it, they sure do eat the whole bottle, LOL). Now I just need to find a box of these to have on hand!

Justin’s - Honey Peanut Butter + Banana Chips- another brand we know and love! definitely not just another Snack Pack! It combines delicious, organic banana chips with even delicious-er honey peanut butter to provide you a burst of energy. It's perfect for putting in the kids' lunches, for an afternoon snack, or for a late night pick me up! The kid gave it a high five for combing 2 of her favorite foods!

Natralia - Anti-itch Soothing Cream- this one was definitely tied with the caramels for fav product from the box! If you saw my earlier post, she got a hair line fracture and has to wear a splint for 2-3 weeks. the novelty quickly wore off (like in 3 hours, LOL). The splint has a tendency to sweat and itch, Yup, perfect foundation for this cream that is a cortisone-free alternative made with natural colloidal oatmeal and menthol to relieve itchy and dry skin. This fast-acting cream calms and soothes irritation and rashes caused by insect bites, sunburn, poison oak, ivy, and sumac, and eczema. or even kids in splints! It relieves itching in less than 15 minutes! By the time I put it on, then grabbed the night time splint and put it on, the itching was gone for her. YEAH! I love that you can use it on kids over the age of 2, so it's suitable for the whole family! This is staying in our first aid box!

And now that you've tried all those new foods, you might just be having some digestive issues...

Gutsy Products - Chewy Citrus Flavorpromote oral and digestive health with a proprietary blend of nature’s remedies: papain (papaya), licorice root and apple cider vinegar. Fast-acting, it is also gluten free, lactose free and vegan friendly. Use it to help eliminate that queasy, uneasy, refluxy feeling, after eating. Miss Grace checked this out, and other than having to cut the LARGE chewable in half first, she loves the citrus flavor and how quickly they worked. These are a great alternative to having charcoal caps with you (as they can get messy), and the handy container keeps them fresh and ready! They also come in Wildberry. An adult does is up to 2 tabs, They do contain Xylitol, so some of you might not want to let the kids use them, but they are a great natural alternative to traditional OTC ones.

So there you have it- one pretty solid sample box, for all tastes and needs! We were pretty impressed, and can't wait til we can sample another one! So don't delay- sign up today and get YOUR family some free samples with Daily Goodie Box too!

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