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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia by Tim Scullion Gives NEW Meaning to the Term GHOST Story!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this  book  free of charge, from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  for blog review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about the product.,

Featuring groundbreaking ghostly photos of America's largest living museum, 
this new book MIGHT just put the scare into (out of?) you!

Colonial Williamsburg Virginia  cover


Join ghost photographer and researcher Tim Scullion on a two-year tour of Colonial Williamsburg, America’s haunted historic city of ghosts. Visit 43 creepy locations where Scullion describes his paranormal odyssey to capture and explain each apparition, a bit of historical and paranormal background of the building it appears in or over, and insights about these ghostly beings that he has learned from careful observation. With more eighteenth-century buildings and homes than any other place in America, Scullion has learned the secret to consistently capturing ghostly apparitions of all kinds on camera. Examine 230 paranormal images that are beautiful, ugly (if not horrifying!), bizarre, and defy explanation. He also provides historic accounts, ghost sightings, and narrative, insights, and introspection for each location. Colonial Williamsburg is a hotspot for ghosts!

ghost images

What Tim says About the Book:

"About 5 years ago while working at Colonial Williamsburg as a tour guide, I was asked to give ghost tours. I was a profound skeptic about ghosts, but I did it because it sounded like fun. On these ghost tours, every once-in-a-while someone would take a photo (usually with just a cell phone) and capture something paranormal that no one could see with the naked eye. As a photographer myself I thought, if a random tourist could capture something on a cheap cell phone camera, what could I do with my equipment? So over the next two years I began to experiment with my techniques and with the technology. I began to get ghost photos of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Out of over 10,000 photos taken in a 2-year span, I have selected 230 of the very best to include in this book. I have classified these photos into three different categories:

1. Geo-lights—apparitions of various colors and geometric shapes of light,

2. Classic whites—with an appearance of a white, ephemeral face with eyespots and sometimes a nose and/or mouth feature, and

3. Visages—faces with distinguishable human features. However, there are some photos which defy a rational description and for which I have no explanation—perhaps only God does.

The great thing about Colonial Williamsburg is that there is a concentration of ghosts here due to the area’s amazing history and its role in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. For those that are skeptical of the veracity of the photographs, I have set aside a folder of some of my best photos to be released at the proper time to be examined by experts so that they can determine that they have not been tampered with or altered in any way! This book not only is proof that life continues after death, but also that the forms that it can take are boundless. It has profoundly changed the way I look at life and death, and I believe that it will do the same for anyone that reads it. Existentialism is no longer a viable belief system; here is proof that there is life after death, along with an infinite number of questions that we know no answers to . . . yet!"—Tim Scullion

geo lights


CREEPY is the first word that comes to mind as you flip the pages of this book. The second is WHOA. The third is 'this can't be real'!

I know people will question 2 things- how can they be real photos, they have to be tricks of the light, followed by how as a Christian blog can you showcase this book. Let me answer the second question first. Call it a ghost, a spirit, a guardian, I know what I'VE seen, and felt. Call it the 'Irish gift' if you will, but it runs in the family, and I have been places, especially really old ones, where you could feel energy, different temps in a room, etc. No logical explanation. 

But Tim seeks to give us that explanation. He acknowledges he IS a Christian, but even he can not fully explain the images he took. The geo-lights he has captured are lights, YOU might have caught on photos before, and not known what they were. Our mind can make sense of those. But the whites and images? JUST whoa! And creepy.  We've all had that moment, when you crop a photo and see something you didn't realize when you took the photo was in the background. But what is you do that and you see a face in a window of a home that is closed and shut down. or if you keep seeing them in the windows. You can only doubt so long before a pattern emerges, and you start looking for answers. THAT is what Tim has done. 

All in all the book is astounding, AND creepy, all at the same time. If you known to get the 'heebie jeebies', then I would NOT recommend looking at this book. But if you like a good Halloween book, that might beg to ask if there IS another pane we aren't aware of, THIS is that book. Remember, you can't argue about what you don't know. Better to see Tim's evidence and read his thoughts about when he took the pictures, etc, than to dismiss the book outright! But this IS the book for Halloween frights! 

IF you dare!

As an aside, the pictures of the houses themselves are great to show kids who are studying the American Revolution, to see how SMALL the houses were, and how as posterity came to Virginia, the houses changed. Tim, since he was a tour guide, also provides history of the houses, pubs, slave quarters, as well. There is a valid economy and history lesson there, for older kids. You might need to cover the 'ghost' part for younger kids. So that is also something to think about!

About the Author

Tim Scullion specializes in fine art photography as well as the paranormal. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from William and Mary and is a published author/photographer. Among his works is a novel called Nick—which removes all of the commercial trappings of Christmas and takes the reader to a place where giving oneself is the real meaning of the holiday. Tim has written and illustrated a children’s book, called the Kids Forever Club, with an emphasis on safe and educational activities for parents to participate in with their children. He has also written a guitar instruction series of four books on advanced lead guitar.

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