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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Looking for the Perfect Brush on the Go?

With Fall here, you may be taking the kids to lots of festivals, or they will be in lots of festivals, competitions, and performances, and you may need to brush their hair quickly, but you don't want to carry the traditional brush and comb set with you, right?

I have a solution that can meet both of those needs, AND is compact enough to fit easily into whatever purse you have with you!

Meet the

Touting 440 highly flexible bristles made from a specialized gel in Spain, Dessata detangling brushes are able to gently glide through any hair type (wet or dry), without tugging or tearing.

 While most detanglers only feature two bristle lengths, Dessata’s innovative design ups the ante with three distinct bristle variations, as you can see above (sorry for the stray hair, I thought I had cleaned them all out!), resulting in even less tension while brushing hair.  

Most detangling brushes are either too rough on the scalp or too flimsy on tangles. Trust me, Miss Grace's hair is an evil mix of fine baby hair with thicker wavy hair, making for hair that tangles I swear by just looking at it! With this brush, it can actually get through the tangles and smooth the hair out at the same time. Dessata finds that happy medium, and it makes her hair look GREAT as you can see above!

Additionally, its ergonomic, handle-free design provides optimum comfort and control for the brusher! Made to fit comfortably in the hand during hair brushing, at any angle, the ergonomic shape of the Dessata brush aids effortless disentangling, whilst the bristle profile adapts to the curvature of the head for the easiest and most comfortable hair brushing experience yet. It conforms to each individual’s particular head shape, giving a gentle scalp massage, while detangling! Yeah! And because it can detangle any hair, it's suitable for ultra-curly, fine, brittle, or even children’s hair.

With the fun, bright color combinations, Desasata has a hair brush for every child's personality! Plus the MINI comes with a holder, that is even smaller and more transportable! Yeah!

So Dessata not is perfect for everyday use, but also for gift giving! You can find them in your team colors,  in your girls favorite colors, of just something fun, for fun gift giving this holiday season! Plus they make perfect stocking stuffers!

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