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Friday, October 7, 2016

Recipe Weekend: Making Bread is Easy Thanks to Bread Story's Banneton Basket!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Bread Story via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them. All opinions are my own.

If there is ONE thing our household loves, it is homemade bread!

I haven't had much time to make it though, so when I had the chance to check out a banneton bowl and cover, I knew it was a great time to get back to baking!

This unique Round Proofing Set from Bread Story contains a round banneton style proofing BASKET that is perfect for professional and amateur bakers alike!  It doesn't matter what type of bread you are making, or dough you need proofed, this set is the one you need! The set includes the large round bowl (ten inches in diameter and almost four inches tall), with a removable cloth liner,a flexible dough or bowl scraper, an ebook on baking sourdough bread, a baking class discount, instructions,and a coupon to use on your next purchase! Yup- this is a COMPLETE set! 

So I pulled out a favorite recipe for a small French loaf, to try, it's perfect for making for dinner- trust me, there will be NO leftovers! And as it needs a short rise time, it was perfect for checking out the bowl! Plus it doesn't require any fancy flour, is kneadless, and you usually have everything you need for it in the pantry.

Rosemary French Bread 

 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 1/4 tsp Rapid Rise Yeast (equal to 1 packet)
3/4 tsp Himalayan Pink (or Kosher) salt
1 cup warm water 
(run your hot tap water on high until warm, and use, no need for boiling)
1 1/2 tbsp Rosemary (I use dry for easier use, but you can use fresh)
2-3 tbsp butter


1. Get your bowl ready. You just spray and then coat with flour. I used a light spray of olive oil, but you can use water. You can see how the flour hugs the bowl. It is so weird to think that the hand-crafted unbleached natural rattan cane that makes up the bowl is perfectly safe to put a wet dough into, but it is! In fact if is not only food-safe, but eco-friendly, and non-toxic too! 

2. Put your dough hook on your stand mixer (Yeah! You get to use it!). Then add your warm water to it, and then sprinkle your yeast on top of the water. The yeast needs to sit and activate for 5 minutes. Which gives you time to go do the next step.

3. In separate bowl, mix together your flour, salt and rosemary, 

4. Slowly add flour mix to your mixer, stirring manually together with a spatula until just combined. Then using the mixer, mix until dough is smooth and tacky. This is important as it helps to add the air into the dough and keeps YOU from having to knead it!

5. Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and form into a ball, and place into the bread bowl. The basket can hold up to three pounds of dough, but this recipes makes a smaller amount. I've used this recipe many times, and I've always covered the bread with a wet towel while it rises. But technically that is something you CAN skip with this set. But I sticked with what I know works. 

6. So afetr covering with a wet towel, I added the cover to the bowl. As you can see, you have PLENTY of room for your dough to rise and expand! The cloth liner fits a round the bowl easily thanks to its elastic edge, but is plenty roomy to allow for any rise! I love that it can can machine washed for easy clean up!

7. Place your covered bowl in a warm area for bread to rise. I always put mine in an off-oven, so that is what I did. It needs to double in size. I actually lost track of time when making this load, but generally it's about 2-3 hours.

8. As you can see, the dough more than doubled! Doesn't it just look lovely? You can see how it went up around the bowl with ease. But I KNOW what you're thinking- how about getting it OUT of the bowl?

9. As you can see, it slides RIGHT out of the bowl with ease. Now there is flour on it from the bowl, which you can brush off, or leave if you prefer. Now you just punch down your dough and then form into your french bread loaf.

10. No need to any extra, is you are using a silicone baking sheet, otherwise you might want to sprinkle some cornmeal underneath to allow for easier removal from pan, when finished. I like to cut slits in min, to I did. But that is optional.

11. Place bread  on pan in oven and then PREHEAT to 375 degrees. Note, do NOT do this until now! this allows your bread to rise back up again, while the oven is preheating! Cook for 25 minutes.

11. Meanwhile, it's time for cleanup.And the bowl? Easy peasy- just wipe and put back in your box! LOVE it! 

12. At 25 minutes, pull your bread out and coat with the butter- this gives it a buttery crisp top and adds loads to the flavor! Cook for an additional 5 minutes,

13. Remove you bread and try to resist temptation for 10 minutes, to allow bread to settle. then dive in, for your 'taste test'. The bread is yummy just by itself, thanks to its butter top and rosemary flavor. Miss Grace declared it JUST like the bread at her favorite restaurant!

I am THRILLED with this bowl set! It made getting the bread to rise SO easy! 

Now I can't wait to try the recipes in the free “Professional Sourdough Baked at Home” Ebook from the set! Plus, once we start homeschooling, it will be great to use the coupon for the “Northwest Sourdough,” baking course, and teach Miss Grace about the science of bread making too! 

This is a great set and one that any home baker would LOVE to receive, making it perfect for gift giving this holiday season! Add a quick bread mix or an apron set, and you've got a lovely hostess gift! We can't recommend it enough!

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