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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Are You Taking Time This Holiday Season?

The beauty of homeschooling is being able to adapt your curriculum to what is going on in your life. 

So now that it is holiday season, Miss Grace is exploring the history of Christmas, the traditions and music, and combining it with her Advent studies. So reading, history, language, vocabulary, spelling, art, bible, and even math (basic geometry needed for building gingerbread houses!) are getting covered. Add in science module on the planets and constellations, and building a solar system science project, and she has a flexible curriculum that is FUN. She'll be writing letters and postcards, and getting in LOTS of piano practice and singing too! Which means less struggling and grumbling! Every day has fun built inn to reduce the wiggles and allow for holiday creativity! 

And so if she wants to do her math pages with the cat, in the warm sun, like so:

grace and cat

Then we're good!

This also allows us to hit the books harder in January, when we have more time,
and not feel we have to rush through subjects.

So if we want to stop and bake cookies, we can look at the subject for the day, incorporate it into the cookies, add some math fractions while making the dough and we're good!

Sometimes you just need to ENJOY the season, not feel like it's here and gone!

Plus Miss Grace's elf, Annabelle, is helping her this year with random acts of kindness. So instead of getting presents every day, she'll be GIVING of herself. It's a great lesson to learn, and thanks to our revised schedule, she has time to plan and act them out!

This time of year is rife with possibilities, don;t let them get away at your house!

Enjoy the season!

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