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Friday, November 11, 2016

Explore Space From the Safety of Your Home This Holiday Season!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this set, free of charge,from Playmobil,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

christmas reindeer scary

Have you figured out what to get the kids for Christmas yet?

There are SO SO SO many toys out there, but so many of them DO everything for the kids, the whole sense of creative play is gone.

Which is why I really love Playmobil!

There sets allow kids to be creative- building their own toys and then using their imaginations! They are toys that can be whatever kids want them to BE, they aren't limited!

The new #6195 Mission Genius Set is sure to please any kid in your house! 

playmobil space center box

This space mission delivers all the imaginative and interactive play that PLAYMOBIL playsets provide. It does feature 115 pieces, and to be honest, the instructions on this one required a couple of parental suggestions and making sure the right steps were being followed, in order for the platform to be able to go up and down, the spaceship to hook to the platform correctly, and for their not be any small 'what does this go to?" parts. So I would say, even for 8-10 year olds, run through the instructions with them, as Playmobil instructions show illustrations, but NO wording, and because many of the pieces are VERY similar, the put together may need some take aparts and re-dos, otherwise! Additionally, have ONE large container for them to open everything into, in case something falls, it will be easy to locate. We also utilized small bathroom cups, to keep parts separated till needed. this was a HUGE help, for letting Miss Grace do 90% of the put together by herself!

playmobil space center  rocket and module

Outfitted with working lights and sound, the rocket is ready for launch! Miss Grace wasn't sure what the best part was- the realistic looking flames and sound, OR the fact that the space module comes OFF, AND opens up! Now once it comes off the bottom fuel cell center, there is no sound for the capsule, as the batteries are on the bottom section. I know, Miss Grace was disappointed too! The good news is that is ONLY required 2 AA batteries (not included, naturally), and that it is EASY to put them in (whew!).

playmobil space center  sound buttons

Turning the sound on/off is easy as well. You have your choice of lights only, sound only, and the 3-2-1 countdown with lights. All your child has to do is to press the buttons on the back, which are largely noted, as you can see above. When done, they press again to turn off-aka SAVE the batteries! Yeah! LOVE Playmobil!

playmobil space center module and accessories

That means your mini-rover, aka robot, can be stored inside, with his tools, ready to explore, as soon as he lands on a distant planet. Now you will note, that Spudly (I have NO idea why that became his name) has his own wagon to tote his tools, toolbox, computer and specimen case. It is NOTE included. Miss Grace decided if Spudly was sent into space, he would take what he needed and build it when he got there, in order to bring back larger specimens and not have to hold everything in his very small interior container. You know, that is plant size....too many movies....LOL I'm not sure if Spudly could get the large specimens AND his wagon back to Earth, but apparently where there is a kid's will, there is a way,,,,

playmobil space center  accessories

The included figures, rocket, launch structure, repair robot, computer and other accessories are all essential for the countdown to take off! You will note there are two figures-a man AND woman. They both have proper safety gear on, including gloves, that rotate out of the way when their hands need to grab tools, or the gas pumps. You'll note Spudly also has the same grippers, making it easy for play! The tools ARE very small, but do fit in the tiny toolbox, though like Miss Grace, I think something larger to hold them in, is a great idea. There are 2 satellites to make. The larger one can be 'launched' off the rocket, and the smaller fits into the launch control, to help mission control keep track of the rocket. I was really impressed with all of the attention to detail in the smaller add ons!

playmobil space center  mission control and figures

That includes the movable maintenance platform (aka mission control). that can go up and down the rocket platform (which IS pretty tall by the way, coming in at 28 inches high, once mission control and antennae is added) to help the space technicians inspect the rocket before lift off, then come OFF, so that they are safe, while the rocket takes off. Or they can scream "rocket's firing, we're going to die, RUN", if it doesn't, aka the bottom picture above. Yes, too many movies...LOL

playmobil space center  mission control and figures 2

But as you can see, this is a FUN set, made for hours and hours of imaginative play!

Miss Grace is already trying to figure out how to work it into a mini movie she's making this week, involving a robot planet, a knight errant and a pegasus pony. No clue, but when a toy can work with other ones this easily, you know it's a toy that will last and last!

Still not sure if this set is right for your kids?

The SOUND effects just might convince you! 
Check out the 3-2-1 countdown, with the flashing lights:

Also, you can add the Space Shuttle (Set #6196) ONTO the front of this rocket, allowing for pretty realistic space program play! And who knows, maybe the space program will get back on its feet real soon, to inspire MORE kids!

playmobil space shuttle

Yup, you KNOW this complete set needs to be under the Christmas tree this year!
You'll get just as much fun with it as the kids, LOL!

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