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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Make the Holidays Bright Thanks to the Family of Butler Brands (review and giveaway)v

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Butler Brands, for review and giveaway, purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them,  all opinions are my own.

christmas reindeer scary

How did you survive Thanksgiving?

let's take a show of hands, for how many people spent all day Wednesday (or all night Wednesday) cleaning the house, because you didn't want Mom or Aunt Maude saying something wasn't up to par?

And how many of you spent what seemed ALL day in the kitchen Thursday cooking and cleaning?

Yup, I feel ya.

Even though we had a small Thanksgiving, some things never change, 
no matter how many people are coming over!

So what you NEED to make the holidays BRIGHT and SHINY clean, are some great cleaning products from brands you know and trust, that can make your job easier and quicker! I know you like the sound of that!

We were sent a box of different new cleaning items to check out and I have to say I was uber impressed with not only how well they worked, but how much TIME they saved me!

Dawn Ultra Dish Brush- thanks to its built in food scrapper, this brush can SAVE you from countless minutes scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing! All that dried on food, just came RIGHT off of those pie spatulas, because of that food scrapper!  And thanks to the LOVELY Mr Clean Bliss Premium Latex Free Gloves, my fancy manicure was safe and sound! And thanks to their ultra plush lining (with allergy safe outer glove), they didn't feel LIKE your typical latex gloves at all! They actually give your hands a break! Especially as their new embossed palm grip makes it easy to grab and hold on to pots and dishes, when the gloves are wet! I really liked how they had a great loose fit- I normally have to get a large in these type of gloves, but only need a medium, thanks to their looser construction! They are so comfortable, I'll use them all the time now!

The other great time saver was the Dawn Ultra Scrubtastic Non-Scratch Scrubbers- you get a 3 pack of soft scrubbing sponges with Dawn's new thermal scrub technology! Which means they stay soft in warm water, but firm in cool water, for extra scrubbing power when you need it! And thanks to their great angled design, these sponges are perfect for fitting inside glasses and tight corners, like those of plastic storage wear.You know, the ones you can never seem to get clean? But they came out spotless!

I love these new sponges and we'll be getting them from now on- they clean SO much better than our old ones! And thanks to them being safe for non-stick cookware, I can use them on everything!

And speaking of spotless- the new Dawn Kitchen Brush kept up with me- getting the NASTY ham pan clean, with just a minimum of effort! Bigger than the dish brush, as you can see, it has the same food scrapper on the end, but with it's larger brush size, it's great for large pots and pans, or for cleaning out your sink too!

But it's not just the kitchen that gets the thorough clean, is it?

I don't know about you, but I like products that can do double duty and our box had 2 that were right at home in the bathroom too!

Dawn Elite Super Premium Latex Glove -these are more like your traditional latex glove, but oh so much better! They are made from a natural rubber latex, that is bonded to a seamless nylon shell, and given a reinforced cuff (with hanging loops!!), so you get a tighter fit, to keep the water OUT! I don't know about you, but I'm always getting water down my arm cuffs when I scrub the bathroom when wearing rubber gloves! Not anymore! These new gloves keep you DRY!  You can see how much tighter of a fit these gloves are than the Bliss ones above, yet I still just needed a Medium, thanks to their new redesign! And FYI, they have a hand fit on the back of the package, that is right on! So you know you have the right size before you buy them! LOVE that! Plus they have that great new lotus embossed palm pattern for better gripping your sponge and cleaners, when your gloves are wet!  And that new improved Dawn Ultra Wide Wiping Sponge, was JUST the ticket to get that sink CLEAN in record time! It is a premium cellulose sponge, that is oversized and comes in a 2 pack, so you get one for the kitchen and one for the bath! Plus its designed, so that your soap/cleaner stays in the sponge longer, so you don'st have to stop and spray as much! Yeah! Its wide wiping surface really lets you cover more space, in half the time, than other sponges, which means you get done that much QUICKER! Score! Add these to our continual shopping list!

But the clean doesn't stop at counter level- your floors take a beating too, right?

Well Mr. Clean is back and coming to the rescue!

The new Mr Clean Breeze Microfiber Mop not only can be used wet OR dry, it picks up dust, pet hair and debris with EASE, thanks to its pivoting mop head, that can gets into the toughest areas to reach, that traditional mops can't! Plus its microfiber cover is  MACHINE washable and reusable, so you really can get your money's worth from the mop! PLUS the new self-wring feature is SO cool, the kids might just want to mop for you! 

How well can a microfiber mop really clean you ask? Well check out my before and after photos of the section of replaced kitchen floor that we haven't changed over to stained hardwood yet. Yup- with just a water and vinegar mix, the mop got it back to sparking white in only ONE pass! It got up all the dirt and grime! And did I mention, the kid did it? Yup- the wringer is so cool and EASY to use, that she had to try it out for me! LOL. And the wringer REALLYgets all the water out, so you KNOW your mop won't be leaking water while it's drying. Plus, the mop head goes back in line with the pole for easier storage! LOVE LOVE LOVE this new mop for the kitchen and laundry room!

And if you have animals, you know you are going to need these 2 items, non-stop during winter:

evercare lint brushes

The Evercare Belle Vie Lint Brush is wide enough to run over the sofa and chairs real quick before your holiday party starts (because we know you can't always be there to keep those 4 legged kids off of the furniture), or to run over your dress when aforementioned children decide to share their winter shedding with your new dress 5 minutes before the party starts. Naturally! Thanks to it's pretty design (Belle Vie is French for "good life”), it's not a product you'll be horrified if company sees either! Plus it's refillable! 

And if you have to run out the door TO a party, you don't have to worry about Fido's over enthusiastic goodbye wither!  The Evercare Lint Flip Travel Lint Brush is there to save the day! It's handy fold up size, makes it perfect for taking with you in your purse, or keeping in the car, for last minute spot checks, to make sure all of Fido stays away from the party!

So there you have it- the brands you know and trust have new items that can make your holiday season bright and cheerful, thanks to all the time you'll save cleaning, allowing you to ENJOY the season, and those holiday parties! So be sure to put them on your shopping list along with the egg nog and tinsel! 

flashing Win


One very lucky BTHM reader will win the SAME Box of super cleaning supplies,
 that I received for review! Yup, you can clean your house for the holidays with ease!



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