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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Support TWLOHA This Holiday Season, for ALL the RIGHT Reasons!

Ahhh the holidays....

Good will, good food, and good con artists....

You know it's true- this time of year you'll get 5 fake charities for every real 1, and thanks to the internet, it can be hard to tell the good charities from the bad ones!

But there is a cause that we are 100% behind, and I wanted to share them with you, before the holiday deluge hits, so you can put them at the top of your list too.It's not one you immediately think of, but it is SO SO SO important! Plus, they have some pretty cool gifts that you can give, that support the cause!


For over a decade, non-profit TWLOHA (To Write Love on her Arms) has sought to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and teach people that they are not alone - that their story is important. 

twloha banner

TWLOHA is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. With the holiday season upon us, so many people will be struggling without of control emotions. so if TWLOHA can help at least one person make it through and realize just how important they are to the rest of the world, then they have achieved their purpose. But the goal is to save everyone. No matter what their struggle, TWLOHA has resources to get them through the season that claims to many!

The organization was founded following the unexpected success of a story written by New York Times Best Selling Author, Jamie Tworkowski, who later began selling t-shirts to off-set the cost of treatment for those who were struggling. Since then TWLOHA has transformed into an inspiring non-profit movement, celebrated in the Sony Pictures To Write Love on Her Arms film starring Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend & Corbin Bleu, and in Tworkowski's own book "If You Feel Too Much" (which debuted at #6 on the NYT Best Sellers List). 

twloha t
Want to help TWLOHA?

There are multiple ways! 

You can attend a special event, start your own, or even be the voice that brings help tp your community! TWLOHA can help, just check out their website for assistance and direction!

twloha products

The second way is to support TWLOHA financially, via shopping at the organization great new website! Not only do they have those great t-shirts, they have iPhone cases, beanies, tote bags, stickers, notebooks, and more - there is something for everyone! 

twloha hoodie

And you gotta admit, these hoodies are pretty inspiring for anyone, in need of an emotional lift!

nou avèk ou twloha t

For those down South, you may prefer the Haiti t-shirt, with its Creole French- it's a shirt that not only get's you noticed, but it is a great conversation starter! And I really think it captures what TWLOHA is about- "nou avèk ou" means "us with you" in Haitian Creole. 

There really are just SO many choices and great gift ideas, ranging from as little as $4. Miss Grace already started her shopping list on the site! Meanwhile, all sales continue to go towards funding treatment and recovery. Since its start in 2006, they have donated over $1.5 million directly into treatment and recovery, and have answered over 180,000 emails from over 100 countries. Just think about that amount for a minute- it's staggering HOW much help is needed!

So this year, support mental health and recovery, and support TWLOHA!

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