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Friday, December 2, 2016

How to Win $500 AND Share Those Great Holiday Photos With Ease With Amazon Prime Photos!

primephotos banner
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Photos

Did you know that the Amazon Prime that saves your family SOOOO much on shipping, and offers great discounted bonus buys, and subscription services on goods, is now offering you a way to share YOUR family photos with up to 5 family family members or friends, at no additional cost, with UNLIMITED storage (yes, you heard that right!), like those other web services?

prime photos family vault pix
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Photos

Yup, Amazon Prime Photos has been revamped and the new Family Vault lets you use the Amazon Prime you ALREADY have, to share every one of your wonderful family photos (ok, this year's Santa shoot, might be out of the question ("He's scary!"), but that cute shot of junior opening Grandma's present, under the Christmas tree, is always worth sharing! Prime Photos is free for Prime members and makes it easy for family members to safely store and share all their favorite photos.

prime photos search feature
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Photos

Additional new features include: Image Search, People view and Places view. And Prime members can now order photo prints, cards, photo books, and calendars directly from their Prime Photos account. Need a last minute card for Mom? Just pull one of the photos from your Family Vault and make her a card. Easy Peasy, no multiple websites to go to, no photos to have to download and upload, its all in ONE spot,!

Check it out:

I don't know about you, but I always worry about loosing precious family photos of Miss Grace. We take SOOOOO many digital photos now, but we don't print them all out. But you don't want to loose any, right? So you buy an external hard drive (or two), but what happens if your next new computer has no way to access that hard drive? EEEK!  That's where the Prime Photos Unlimited Storage is THE game changer for me. Especially since I know we're keeping Amazon Prime all the time, it's like scoring a HUGE Freebie!

prime photos devices pic
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Photos
And since you can access Amazon literally on every device you have, be it your cell phone (IOS AND Android!), tablet, notebook, laptop, home computer, even TV, you ALWAYS have access to your photos 24/7, 365 days a year! You can be winging it across the skies to your parents house,freeing up space on your phone, from all those great Thanksgiving photos you haven't downloaded yet, so that you can take all those great family holiday photos (you know you want that picture of Aunt Gertrude and Aunt Margaret food fight over who has the best green bean casserole recipe, your adult brother trying to ice skate for the first time  15 years (you called it on the injury quotient!), or your Dad's cool Christmas light display), without ever having to pull out a computer! I just heard you sing 'O Happy Day!' ! 

And because you and your family can share all those photos in ONE place, everyone can have access to ALL the great family photos, not just the ones they took. And with the great Image Search feature, finding that great shot of your brother on all fours skidding across the ice is easy to find! Don't want to share a couple of photos from the series? No problem, just don't add them to the family vault! Only photos added to the Family Vault are shared!  So you can keep that duck face picture all to yourself!

So WHAT are you waiting for?

prime photos mobil app photo
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Photos
Head on over to Prime Photos and download the app today to make the holiday 
so much better and easier for YOU! 

Just CLICK on the image above,  to download the new Prime Photos app to YOUR Device! 

flashing Win

And don't forget, if you check out this great new service, you can actually WIN a $500 gift card (provided by Amazon.com) or one of five $100 Amazon gift card  2nd prizes. 
This campaign runs until December 31, 2016

You can even RIGHT  enter HERE!


Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post and providing prizes for the giveaway!

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  1. I would store family pictures and pictures of my pets.


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