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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Works of Ahhh Can Get RID of the Vacation 'I'm Boreds"

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Works of Ahhh line, from MasterPieces Puzzle Co, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own.

christmas reindeer scary

Christmas is coming and you KNOW what that Means!

The kids are going to be BORED after just a day or two of vacation,
especially if you travel to Grandma''s house, it's sota like a 100% probability, right?

So why not have some craft kits ready and waiting, to not only keep them occupied and happy, AND provide some great holiday decor?

Meet your new holiday fun:

This fun new kit comes from the Works of Ahhh line, from MasterPieces Puzzle Co
a company KNOWN for great activities for kids!

This new holiday kit (we were sent the Guardsman Nutcracker) contains everything (except for glue), that kids need to complete the project!

You get your wooden piece, pains, 2 brushes, stickers, fur pieces for beard and hair.

Then you have access to the super Works of Ahh 3D Painting App! Its available on iTunes AND Google Play! The new app allows kids to design the colors they want on their piece BEFORE they start painting, and allows them to make custom colors to see what they would look like! Check it out:

Is that not just too cool? 

Miss Grace couldn't wait to download the app- she was just TOO excited to paint her own nutcracker from scratch- and started painting without designing.

As you can see, she had some color issues as the paint brushes didn't quite allow for fine lining. She's too used to my art brushes I'm afraid. but generally, if you are careful, you can get those fine lines in. She also added the sticker eyes at the beginning because she wanted him 'to see what he was looking like', LOL.

But then before she could finish, she saw some Irish nutcrackers in a catalog and decided that she wanted to change her nutcracker. SIGH, THIS is where the design BEFORE you paint can come in VERY handy!

We were able to use the included green to cover over the blue and red with no problem, but then she decided she wanted a more natural wooden color face, and some shine, so she hit my paint supply. Normally you would NOT need to, as there is quite enough paint included to finish the project. She also decided she wanted gold instead of the included yellow for gloves, belt and buttons, so she also used it. Once she had her reference picture to go from, she made quick work of changing her nutcracker.

As you can see, once finished painting, she added in the stickers for the candy and gingerbread man, and then used additional stickers on his mustache, hat and base. She asked me to draw the shamrock on the base, so everyone would know he was an Irish Nutcracker too! I also helped with the missing right eyebrow! LOL.

Then came the adding of the hair and beard. We actually cut one their hair shorter, which is easily done, if you comb it gently, as their are natural breaks under the fake fur, making for easy straight cuts.

I think she did a super job once she changed her mind and stuck to a plan. So had she used the design app, it would have been not only quicker, but easier on her.

She had fun and asked where we could find more of the kits, so I know she LOVED them!

Not only do Works of Ahh have this nutcracker kit, they have more!

Yup- their Holiday Collection contains a FULL line of Nutcrackers, including the Mouse King and the princess! Plus they have a Gingerbread House,, Elf and Angle. PLUS they have a Polar Express Train Set. How cool is that?

You can order the kits directly from the MasterPieces Puzzle Co website, or you can get them from your favorite retailers like Walmart, Kohl's, Kmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond! They make a GREAT gift idea, especial for kids' gift exchanged, when you have no idea what to get the child!

And if you think you did a great job, you can enter your finished product, and its design on the 3D Paint app into their monthly contest, and try to win another kit! Woo hoo, we love that!

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