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Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's National Popcorn Day!

Dislosure / Disclaimer: I received this info, free of charge,from National Today, for blog posting purposes on this blog. No compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

It's National Popcorn Day today!

Did you know that?

How about that popcorn is a whole grain?

Yup-it is! The starchy inside of the grain has been cooked and has a lot of air in the final product. The carbohydrates and air add up, making a wonderful snack alternative for those watching their waistline, this new year!

A recent 'corny' survey proves Americans may be divided when it comes to politics, but there is something else we agree on....

Miss grce and popcorn

92 out of 100 Americans love popcorn!

To conduct the Popcorn Day Survey, the "pop" culture researchers at National Today (America's favorite online destination to celebrate quirky and fun holidays), asked 1,000 Americans about their popcorn preferences recently!
Check out some more results ....

caramel corn


#1: Classic butter and salt (73% of Americans like this flavor)
#2: Cheese (37%)
#3: Caramel (32%)
#4: Garlic salt (15%)
#5: Chocolate (14%)

movie popcorn

#1: At the movie theater (63% of Americans like this occasion)
#2: When watching TV or movies (62%)
#3: Late night snack (30%)
#4: As an easy snack for when I get home (22%)
#5: At the office as a light snack (13%)
orville redenbachers popcorn logo

#1: Orville Redenbacher (53% of Americans like this brand)
#2: Pop Secret (42%)
#3: Act II (34%)

So why not make someone's day and share some popcorn with them?

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