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Monday, January 30, 2017

Looking for Some Great Valentine's Reading?

I recently grabbed a free copy of the first book in the Molly Sutton series and was instantly hooked!

There are 6  books in the series, and I had to download the next one, as soon as I finished the previous one, reading the fist 4 books, back to back!

This is the perfect series for Valentine's Day, as Molly follows her heart and leaves behind her boring job to move to Castillac, France, and open her dream B&B!

the third girl cover

The Third Girl 

Meet Molly Sutton, recently divorced and ready for a new life, who moves to the village of Castillac in France to open a B&B. She’s looking for peace, pastry, and beautiful gardens—an altogether slower life than the one she’d had in Boston. But you know what they say about the best intentions…. 

Molly has barely gotten over jet-lag when she hears about a local student’s disappearance. In between getting her ramshackle house in order and digging into French food, Molly ends up embroiled in the case, along with the gendarmes of Castillac. And unlike the Nancy Drews she loved as a child, this mystery is complex, stirring up emotions she thought had been put to rest and terrifying the beloved residents of her adopted village. 

This first book of the Molly Sutton Mystery series grabs you from the first couple of pages. Trust me, you may just find yourself reading this book in one sitting! Molly isn't perfect- she has flaws, isn't 20 or a size 2. She makes mistakes, but has learned from her bad divorce and by following her heart Ashe she settles into her new village home, and finds her way around the French customs and ways. You might just wish you were there staying at her one of her new rental units! The 2 faceted mystery begins in this book and arcs into the next one, with one part being solved in the book. The end will be a surprise too! Just be warned, the luscious descriptions of the local bakery goods and market items, might make you VERY hungry while reading the book

the luckiest woman ever cover

The Luckiest Woman Ever 

After amateur detective Molly Sutton stumbles on a dead body, she wastes no time before eavesdropping and elbowing her way into conversations all over the French village of Castillac. But when Chief Dufort is about to clap handcuffs on the wrong man, she’s got to do more than chat to save him. Will she have the stuff—and the skill—to pull it off? 

In this, the second book in the Molly Sutton Mystery series, we learn more about Molly, her friends, and her village, and not to mention a certain French policeman! Once again the mystery arc continues, with a new mystery added on. This is a cozy tale, perfect reading with a pot of coffee (and some pastry to keep you from being so hungry when Neil describes the French food!). As we learn more about Molly and her new neighbors and friends, the second mystery shows itself and once again the reader is rapidly turning pages, attempting to guess the suspect. Another great read in the series!

The Prisoner of Castillac  cover

The Prisoner of Castillac 

Virtually no one in the village of Castillac holds out any hope. It has been seven years, after all. Seven years since the popular, mischievous Valerie Boutillier disappeared without a trace. The exertions of the gendarmes, led by Chief Dufort, yielded almost no clues, and his failure to solve the case had been one of the main reasons he quit the force.

But then a shred of evidence appears. It might be nothing. But Molly Sutton isn’t afraid to grab hold of it and take it as far as she can.

Will a shred be enough? 

And if Valerie is still alive, how will Molly and Ben ever find her in time?

While each book is part of this series, you can start reading at any point and then go back and start at the beginning, as Neil gives you enough info on what has happened since she has been in France, but not enough to give away the endings of them!  With this book, more villagers come into play, and we get to see just what is about Ben that attracts Molly to him. Will they be a team together, or work separately for the same truth, locating Molly, and finding the killer? I think this was ultimately the best book in the series, as the characters truly shine!

Murder for Love cover

Murder for Love

When another native of the French village is found dead, Molly and the gendarmes are stumped. Complicating matters, Ben is hired to defend Molly’s prime suspect. Uh oh, mixing romance with detective work can be a dangerous business…or at least, it can lead to some unsteady conclusions. 

Will Molly figure out where she’s gone wrong in time to nail the killer? Or will her scheme to unmask the murderer at Lawrence’s disco birthday party fall apart?

A new dawn is happening for Ben and Molly- as Ben struggles to find his way, Molly has found her stride and is becoming quite successful at her new life as owner of the rental cottages. The book series picks up a new arc, as molly becomes more a central part of the village. Now that she is thoroughly settled, she finds her 6 degrees of separation to many of the occupants, and realizes how important they have all become to her. Read this one, and you'll definitely run back to read the previous 3 books!

This is a great series, that is part chick-lit, part mystery, and part romance, making for a great 'wish I was there/could be her' series, perfect for escaping blah Winter days! I can't recommend it enough!

Newly out- Book 5, The Ch√Ęteau Murder and Book 6,  Murder on Vacation, both of which I can't wait to read!

About the Author:

Nell Goddin has worked as a radio reporter, SAT tutor, short-order omelet chef, and baker. She tried waitressing but was fired twice. Nell grew up in Richmond, Virginia and has lived in New England, New York City, and France. Currently she's back in Virginia with teenagers and far too many pets. She has degrees from Dartmouth College and Columbia University.

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