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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 Krewe of Erin Crowning, Pt I

st patricks day banner

If you've read this blog for any length of time, then you know that Miss Grace is not just an Irish dancer, she is involved in our Northshore Irish Krewe, the Krewe of Erin, that hosts a St Patrick's Day walking parade every March in Ponchatoula, LA.

Here's some pix from this year's crowning of the royal court.

And yeah, it sorta is a 'Louisiana thing', LOL


This year's Grand Marshall is the local American Legion, whom the Krewe has worked with, raising flags in the local cemetary. So the girl's shillelahs (walking sticks) all featured American flags.

As part of the tradition of the Krewe, all the Maids, Queen and Queen's Committee, get together to make the shillelahs for the next year's royal court. It adds a super personal touch, and helps keeps the girls connected!

queens crowns

The Queen's new crown and travelling crown. We all love the new design- very colorful!


Our table mascot, Gator.  You may recall last year he was in hula gear. This year he wear his St Patrick's Brigade flight suit, in honor of the them of Military Service and Awards. Please excuse the powdered sugar- somebody attacked the cookies prior to pix....And yes, you can not BUY a mini flight suit, it must be made. Who knew I had the talent....LOL, and yes, mini military hats for gators are a royal PAIN. But he does look cute and rakish, and is demanding to keep it on for the whole year....SIGH....

And if you want to know WHY an alligator, then read this article, and all will be explained...
and yeah, it IS a 'Louisiana thing'!!! LOL

tea time

Anticipation... with new tea cups decorated by Mum (why "yes, I do have multiple talents", LOL), after the kid decided using 100 year old teacups from Great Grandmama was a little stressful....retaining a formal tea is such a LOVELY tradition for the Krewe and its families!


Being sashed and pinned by the new Queen to be, and one of her best buddies, since they used to dance together! Unfortunately they couldn't this year at the tea, as we were under a time crunch and there wasn't time for the royal court talent show! But having Mollie has QUEEN kept the smile on Miss Grace's face ALL day long!


Last year's Queen Sarah has been such a role model to the court! She gladly stepped in when needed and covered additional time, and showed the court what it truly means to be a Queen and represent the Krewe and the community as a whole. you'll notice she was the last to wear the old crown.

close up 1

Yes, she really does have red in that hair! LOL  Loving the new crowns this year, that are a bit taller and fancier!

queen mollie

2017 Queen Mollie O'Malley
(yes that really IS her name!)

close up 2

Hmmmm, one day.......

close up 3

All smiles and happiness! 

formal portrait

And the formal portrait!

LOVE these girls-even after such a LONG morning, and both feeling under the weather, they were troopers and kept posing for pictures!

Stay tuned for part II
(and more pix!)

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