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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to STEAL the Show from the Easter Bunny This Year! (Review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Little Adventures, for review and gvieaway purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them,  all opinions are my own.


And now for a company that is just made for Easter fun and dress up!


Little Adventures was started 15 years ago by two moms who were tired of itchy, scratchy dress ups that fell apart and were not washable. Not to mention finding them in the right size for their kids! Now they are selling their great designs (which recreate all the Disney princesses!) all over the US and the world.


All the Little Adventures dress ups are comfortable,  with no itchy underskirts or fabrics, completely finished seams and hems, and no buttons or ties to frustrate little fingers! The stretch bodices accommodate a variety of sizes making each size more versatile (aka, longer lasting for YOUR budget! All of their items are made with quality fabrics and trims,  that are comfortable, washable and guaranteed! Which means that their little customers take naps, play outside, and go to the store wearing their dress ups, then come home and play and play some more in them!  

These are THE dress clothes you would make if you a) had the time and b) could sew this well! LOL Seriously, these are the type of costumes that you remember from your childhood. The ones that WOULD last from one Halloween to the next, and get passed down through the family.


One of the things I absolutely ADORE is that the dresses don't stop at age 8. Nope, they have dresses that will fit kids through age 13, AND for those kids who need adult sizing, they go to a women's L (10-12). I know! I just heard your squeal of delight! Now YOUR tall 3rd grader CAN get a princess costume that WILL fit them, and you can not have to worry about inappropriate 'hoochy mama' costumes for a couple more years! See- SQUEAL in delight, cause you know you're gonna wont one too!

Plus they have all the accessories to match the dresses that a princess could want!

But Little Adventures doesn't stop there! They have adorable knights, dragons and more for the boys (or girls who want to be heroes instead of princesses!)


And then because we who have girls understand how EVERYTHING has to match when one is a princess, they have matching DOLL DRESSES for your child's 18 inch doll, like these:


I know, I know- Moana, Beauty AND Elena? 

Yup, you KNOW your daughter wants these dresses! And YOU can feel great buying them for her, for her Easter present, and upstaging the bunny, cause you know they will last and last and last, and you only spent $29.99 (for smaller sizes, $39 for fancier styles)! Add in a $15 doll dress, and for UNDER $60 you have a matching outfit that will provide eons of playtime! That's a steal!

I can attest to their quality, thanks to having the opportunity to check out 4 dresses from their doll line.

Let's start with the one I KNOW all the little girls are going to be wanting- their Yellow Beauty (aka Belle)!

belle dress collage
Miss Grace didn't think she wanted this one, but I encouraged her, as I knew how much she had loved the movie as a tot and I was right, she oohed and awed over it the most, claiming "it's SO pretty!"!

The stretchy yellow velvet bodice is gracefully designed with sparkling gold trim and an elegant collar adorned with red rose accents. The printed gold rose overskirt adds a dash of dazzle, that easily transforms your doll into the Belle of the Ball 

The dress features the wonderful tiered bottom skirt, with more of the red roses to truly make this dress STUNNING! 

All of the Little Adventures doll dresses feature clothing quality stretch fabrics that are not only machine washable, but easy for little hands to open and close, thanks to the double velcro closure design on the back. 

brave dress collage

And the one Miss Grace HAD to have- Scottish Princess

The bodice is made from lavish dark teal crushed velvet, with intricate gold edging and complimentary gold shiny silk puff sleeves. 

The full velvet skirt is edged with gold satin and adorned with gold edged hip drapes. 

This is the formal look, but one that Miss Grace was most excited about- she declared it perfect for all sorts of medieval play, and she's right, it fits the bill perfectly. Unfortunately she had misplaced her Irish Dancer red haired curly wig, but it would have looked right at home on top of this lovely dress!


tinkerbell dress collage
And the one that I actually liked best,Tinkerbell

Neverland was never this fancy.

This perfect match to the Tinkerbell dress, this doll dress has a bright green stretchy crushed velvet bodice and two layers of bright green organza, cut in a petal form, over a china silk skirt.

It's accented with soft silver petals and a bright lavender flower at the waist, and three silver flowers at the neck. All making for a sweet doll, that's perfect for Easter egg hunting!

Even Miss Grace was surprised at how PRETTY the dress was, declaring it better than her 'old one' (you the expensive one! LOL).

cinderella dress collageAnd there wouldn't be the dream of princesses without the original,  Cinderella

This perfect match to the Satin Cinderella dress up in it's royal medium blue color, this newly re-designed Cinderella doll dress has a blue velvet stretch bodice elegantly detailed with silver embossing, and accented by a jeweled neckline with a single jewel drop. The blue satin skirt is also features and embossed  chiffon layer over a blue satin dress, 

This one can really do double duty, as it can fill in for a certain Scandinavian princess, with ease!
And the color is so beautiful, you might not be surprised that your daughter never takes her doll OUT of the dress! 

All in all, Miss Grace and I were very impressed with how stretchy the doll dresses were, how easy they were to get on and close thanks to the durable velcro closures, and how well they fit the dolls. they fit, but are not over tight, like some outfits, so there is no tugging and frustration! And that means happy kids, happy mom! We would definitely buy more of these dresses for Miss Grace, or for gift giving!

Need another reason to buy from Little Adventures?

How about, ALL US orders ship FREE? !!!


How about a DISCOUNT CODE?

Yup, all BTHM readers can use the code LAPROMO-BTHM, and get 15% off of your order!

flashing Win

And of course, you know we have to really make ol EB jealous by offering....


A giveaway of $30 credit to Little Adventures!

Good luck!

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