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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway: Strange Companion by Lisa Manterfield

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from Kate Tilton Book Bloggers Tours, and the author, for review, and giveaway, purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

This new book comes out April 4th, and you definitely want this one on your reading list!

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Kat Richardson isn’t running away from grief; she’s just hiding out in a gloomy Welsh university town until she’s sure it’s gone. Now, one year, nine months, and 27 days after the climbing death of her first love, Gabe, she thinks she’s ready to venture out into the relationship world again. And Owen—a cake-baking, Super Ball-making chemistry student—appears to be a kind, funny, and very attractive option.

But the arrival of Kat’s newly adopted niece, Mai, forces her home to northern England, where she runs headfirst into all the memories of Gabe she’s tried to leave behind—and discovers that Mai stirs up an unnerving feeling of déjà vu. Before long, Kat’s logical, scientific beliefs about life after death are in battle with what she feels to be true—that reincarnation is real and Gabe has come back to her through Mai. The question now, is why?

Taking on the topics of love, loss, and how we deal with grief, A Strange Companion is a twisted love triangle among the living, the dead, and the reincarnated.

Book Excerpt:

You can read the first 3 chapters over on Lisa's website!


This is one of those books that starts off a bit so and then suddenly there is a rush and you just can't put it down! I think there have been times when all of us have thought 'why do I feel like I know this person and I have never met them', or your child will do something that is 100% like a deceased relative they never knew, and we pause and wonder....this new book takes on that theory and says, "What if?". And in a tragic story, with Kat trying to move on with her life, a timely adoption story, and you have a book that will move you and bring out an array of emotions. This is one of those books that you know by the middle of, that will be on everyone's 'too read' list and the movie deals will be coming, so don't miss it, grab it when it comes out!

About the Author:
Lisa Manterfield is the award-winning author of I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home: How One Woman Dared to Say No to Motherhood. Her work has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Los Angeles Times, and Psychology Today. Originally from northern England, she now lives in Southern California with her husband and over-indulged cat. A Strange Companion is her first novel. Learn more at LisaManterfield.com

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One BTHM reader will get to win signed copy of A Strange Companion, PLUS Kat’s recipe book
(which you can get as a bonus if you order the book ONLY until April 3rd! - there were some YUMMY sounding recipe's in this book!)

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