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Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Give an ADULT Easter Present (review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books, free of charge,from fFox Chapel Publishing for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.


Sometimes you just want your OWN Easter basket, right?

You know the feeling- you've added all the fun toys and candy to your kid's baskets, and then you look at them and sigh,....

Thinking I really wish I got surprised with an Easter basket too...

How about if I told you there was a way to give yourself the equivalent?

Don't these just make you smile?

"Pretending to be normal day after day is exhausting," says Suzy Toronto.

 Toronto is a self-proclaimed "wacky" woman, and she wants others to embrace their inner wackiness too. In fact, she's created an entire art brand that speaks (mostly) to girls and women, inspiring them to embrace their rarity, goofiness, and everything that makes them unique—no matter how silly it may seem. Doesn't that just sound perfect for Spring and Easter?

toronto products

Toronto works out of her home studio in Smyrna Beach, Florida where she creates playful and distinctive artwork for a variety of products—from mugs to coloring books to cell phone covers and everything in between (and all available on her website, and on Amazon). She even has a Celtic Creations category (course we DO need to talk to her about an Irish Dance print about giving a girl the right shoes, but still, VERY impressed with the offerings there!).Her newest creations come in the form of coloring books with her latest book, Tingle Boots, stating loud and proud that "life is better in boots." The books are available in the 8.5 x 11 size, and a smaller 5 x 8 size, perfect for putting in your purse!

coloring book sample

In each book, Suzy Toronto sprinkles encouraging and empowering quotes on the left side pages, with the coloring art on the right, each with their own uniqe quote as well. "Release your inner child and believe in yourself again," Toronto says. "There's more inside you than you ever dreamed possible! "Ultimately, Toronto's goal is to continue empowering women. "We believe in women. We uplift women. We empower women. And we support women whenever and however we can," she says. 

We were able to check out her line of adult coloring books, and share them with you:

toronto coloring books 1

Each book offers colored pictures of the prints within, for some color suggestions and also contains a color wheel guide, to start you on your way. But really it is about just letting go and COLORING, and being inspired by the quote on the picture!

laughter sample page Light & Laughter Coloring Book- in this light heated book, Suzy shows that its ok to break the rules, so long as we stay true to who we are and learn to laugh at our mistakes. She inspires us to reach outside our comfort one and embrace every moment with passion, and always to color outside the lines! And we've all been there, when we need a quote to make us smile and laugh, despite the chaos around us! personally I want to put the circus print (left) at the front door- just as a warning! LOL  

sisterhood sample pageSisterhood Coloring Book- it's all about how you handle Plan B! Life is a wild and wacky roller coaster ride, full of fun and laughter, but also jammed with jolting twists and turns. Meet the bold sisters, friends, daughters and mothers, who always rise to the occasion, despite overwhelming odds. This book celebrates the power of sisterhood and what it means to turn lemons into lemonade. This is the perfect book to give to your sibling, to remind her that not only are you there for her, but you totally get where she is coming from, and what has made her the unique woman that she is today! And maybe to offer a bit of encouragement too!

friendship sample page Friendship Coloring Book- Why be normal when you can be a goddess? Goddesses are forever friends who make life infinitely more interesting, fun, exciting, peaceful, joyful, and real, Together they laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live a little better. Celebrate the gift of unconditional and unending friendship with this empowering coloring book. I can't imagine a better book for gift giving to your bestie! Especially since it includes this wonderful quote (left)! Wouldn't it be sweet to add a letter telling your bestie JUST how much she means to you and attaching to that page? Who wouldn't love receiving such a special gift? I know this is a book I'll be giving to ALL of my best friends!

toronto coloring books 2

inspiration sample pageInspiration &Encouragement Coloring Book- if you want rainbows, you gotta have rain, so pull yourself up by your bootstraps and go out and look for puddles to play in! This inspirational and empowering book celebrates the bravery that it takes to be authentic, and what it means to ignite your passion and make each day ridiculously amazing. This is another great book for gift giving, to your bestie, or family member, that you could use a reminder, or two, that they are very special and sometimes what makes us special is those moments that seem to break us, but only make us stronger! This quote (right) reminds me of my bestie's dad, who paraphrases his late wife, by always saying, just put on some lipstick and you'll feel better! It always makes us smile, even if we know we may need more than that!

tingle boots sample page Tingle Boots- Are aware that you are rare? If a rockin hot pair of boots makes you heart tingle and your spirit soar, this is the book for you! Life is just better in boots, so pull on a pair and take the day! This princess doesn't wear glass slippers, she wears cowboy boots! This wacky and empowering book is all about chasing your dreams in the cutest boots possible that you can find. I gotta admit, I'm partial to this book, mainly because well, you see, I have a boot addiction. LOL. Call it a Southern thing, but we country girls KNOW when you've got a great pair of boots on, you feel like you can take on the world (especially if you have the right shade of lipstick to match 'em!)! Miss Grace is already fighting me over this book (which I claimed as an Easter gift for ME!), as she's on her way to a good boot addiction, thanks to me and her Grandma! if you love boots, or have a friend that does, you gotta get this book!

tingle boots sample page 2

All of the books feature high quality thick paper, which takes crayon, pencil and marker with ease, as you can see. There is no bleed through like you can see on other book series, and each page is perforated for EASY removal and framing! The pages feature enough art to keep you busy for a bit, but not so extensive, that you don't feel like you can finish one page in a day. In fact, I finished the page above in about 15 minutes, so really they're the perfect size for when you need a coffee break of creativity and inspiration!

 I really can't recommend these books enough! I love how easy they are to use and pull out, and really you may find yourself wanting to frame EACH one! How about rotating the quotes out every month, so you have fresh inspiration? The books would also make GREAT Mother's Day and Baby shower gift ideas!

And since I love ya'll SO much- how about a gift of one of these books?

flashing Win


sisterhood cover

One BTHM reader will get to win this Sisterhood Coloring Book for themselves, 
or to give to their sister!

And how about a freebie?

Just right click on the picture below and you can print it out to color!
It;s a reminder from Suzy to BE YOURSELF!

toronto sample


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