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Monday, March 20, 2017

Math Monday: Rethink Your Math Practice!

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One of the great things I love about homeschool is that we don't have to 'school' every minute of the day. We can take long breaks and go outside and learn about nature in a hand's on way. But it isn't just nature! So much of nature is actually based on MATH principles, so that when you take your kids outside, you can also sneak in some math practice!

Here's a couple of favorite links:

nautillus shell 

1.  the Nifty Homeschool- Learn about the Fibonacci Theory and HOW many things in nature include it! Not only will you be teaching your kids advanced math theory, they're learn a new appreciation for God's infinite workings in nature!

tree and shade]
courtesy of Mathcats.org

2. MathCats.org- Spring Math Idea Bank- I LOVE the idea of measuring how tall trees are by measuring their shadows, which works not only estimation, but formulaic theory AND measurement!

squash seeds

3, Math Geek Mama- grab some Spring seeds and work on Rate, while you plant! did you get a good deal on seeds? let the kids figure it out!

So now you know how to add some math into outside activities!

So get out there and get the kids learning!

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