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Monday, March 27, 2017

Mathh Monday: How Do You Combine Math and Crafting?

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For our last Math Monday post this month, I wanted to share an unique way to bring MATH into crafting, aka, how to keep the kids using their math skills over the Summer, or how to liven up Math class at home school!

How is this for alternative math teaching- Sewing!

Yup- you may not realize it, but sewing requires a LOT of math skills, from making sure you have enough fabric, thread and notions, to adding or subtracting on the pattern for a better fit, to figuring out needle sizes! Math is there in everything you do!

But some kids, aka boys, might balk at SEWING. So how about making ti FUN and practical for them? And EASY, thanks to a new quilt method that uses STRIP piecing for easier (and much quicker) putting together!

The Big Book of Strip Quilts: Start with Strips to Make 60 Stunning Quilts  cover

We recently got to check out The Big Book of Strip Quilts: Start with Strips to Make 60 Stunning Quilts  by Karen M. Burns

Cut strips from your stash or gather your favorite pre-cuts to make fabulous strip quilts that shine! Each pattern will inspire you with its remarkably versatile look and scrappy style, easily achieved with simple strips. 
- 60 stunning strip quilts at a great value--just 47 cents per pattern
- Choose from sizes ranging from wall hangings and baby quilts to bed-sized quilts, all by top designers
- Includes projects for beginners and experienced quilters in a variety of attractive patchwork styles

This is a GREAT book for beginning quilters, as strip piecing is the EASIEST and quickest way to put a quilt top together, which means your kids will stay interested and WANT to finish it, AND because it is so quick, it's FUN!

And check out the different maths:

he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 1he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 2

So you can see already, how measuring is needed, and kids would have to work out if they have enough material for each strip. Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division before they even start cutting! Then as they are cutting, angles and width! Woot!

he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 3

And NO worries if you know how hard it is matching up triangles when quilting! This new method has an easy peasy way of making triangles for no hassle matching and corners! Your kids might even walk away ENJOYING triangle piecing with this method!

he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 4

he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 5

And NO worries if you've never pieced either! As you can see, you get COLOR illustrations, showing how to attach each piece together to make the square, and then how to add all the squares TOGETHER, including adding sashing and borders! Yup, this really is THE book for beginners! And because it is so clear on the instruction, you really don't need to supervise older kids, unless they need help with the sewing!

These quilts would be great project pieces for homeschoolers, as many are patterns from the 1800s, early 1900s, or look much older, like this one, that looks Grecian:

he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 6

There are optical illusion quilts, and quilts that show off your pride:

he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 7 he Big Book of Strip Quilts: sample 9

So your kids could research the history of the block, determine when it came about, and pick one to use as a history/math project! Isn't bringing history ALIVE, and carrying on family traditions, SO much better than a boring book report of stodgy mini research paper! I don't know about you, but I would be a LOT prouder of a kid who could show me a quilt they made, and tell me about the pattern, when it was used, by who, how it used to be put together and how modern technology has changed how it is made. I love when kids can think OUTSIDE of the traditional schooling boxes and really LEARN, don't you?

But the BEST thing is that you are NOT limited to color matching what is shown! The optical mirror quit above could be made in all dark or light colors, and the Americana quilt could be made in Irish flag colors. It really is what YOU want to make it. Which means, you can add a level of creativity and ART to the project!

Plus you could really make it a FAMILY project by letting them do the quilt top and basting, and then everyone help quilting it, just like the old days, while watching a good family film or two!

So if you are looking to take Math and creativity out of the traditional boxes for your kids, check out this book and the 60 great projects and give it a try instead of more boring math worksheets! 

Your kids might even thank you!



This book with a store gift card to buy fabric would be a great Easter basket present for older kids too!

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