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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Children;s Book Review and Giveaway: Hello Stars by Alena Pitts

Disclosure / Disclaimer:  I received this info, free of charge,from Zondervan Publishing for blog posting purposes. No compensation,  monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post/review. Nor was I told what to say, all opinions are my own, and yours may be different.

the author is only 12 years old! Alena Pitts, author of Hello Stars--- the first book in the Lena in the Spotlight fiction series from Faithgirlz,If you loved the movie War Room, you'll remember Alena as the adorable young actress from the film. Alena's new book is part of a 3-book series especially for girls ages 8-12. She did have a little help writing from her mom, Wynter Pitts, who is also an author and editor of the popular Christian tween girls' magazine For Girls Like You.

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Lena Daniels never thought she’d get the chance star in a movie. Headstrong and determined, she has her life planned out to the minute. But when her best friends, Savannah and Emma, tell her about an audition, she knows there’s nothing else in the world she’d rather do. And now that she’s gotten her wish, Lena finds that being in the spotlight is harder than it sounds. 

She got everything she never wanted! Her face turns up everywhere she goes, and everything in her life is flipped upside down. Lena wonders if this is a dream come true or a horrible nightmare. Even a visit from her best friends during filming turns into a disaster.
With her little sisters—Ansley, Ashton, and Amber—and her mischievous pup, Austin, constantly at her side, Lena must face the challenges of everyday life while chasing her dreams of being a model and actress on the big screen. Lena tackles tough choices, learns the value of perseverance, and keeps her hopes high. She knows her faith and family will keep her feet on the ground and her eyes on the stars.

This first book in the Lena in the Spotlight series bodes well for the rest of the books! It is a wonderful mix of family, goals, trusting in God and the power of prayer- all things that we WANT our tweens to be reading and talking about! Aimed at ages 8-12, this journal styled chapter book is one your tween will LOVE to start off their Summer reading program with! It is filled with fun and laughter, but also speak much about trusting in God and pur values instilled by parents. At a time when most tweens are starting to feel the lure of false images and values presented by mass media, it's a welcome dose of reminding to put famiy and God first, and God will provide what we need, when we need it. A very valuable lesson for girls in this age group to learn! We both highly recommend the book, and the series!

Book 2 , Day Dreams and Movie Screens, will be out in September, in time for Back to School reading!

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One BTHM reader will get to win a copy of this great book for their favorite girl!

About the Authors:
Alena Pitts is a young actress and model from Dallas, Texas.  As the oldest of four girls, Alena first cut her teeth in acting through making home videos and dramas with her sisters, using their entire home as their recording studio.  She has a natural love for all things creative which falls right in line with her gifts and talents. The Kendrick Brothers’ War Room marks Alena’s professional acting debut. With only school theater on her young resume, Alena jumped at a chance to audition for the role of Danielle Jordan. In addition to school and acting, Alena models and is a frequent contributor for the magazine For Girls Like You, in print and online.
Wynter Pitts is the founder of For Girls Like You Magazine and the author of For Girls Like You: A Devotional for Tweens and You’re God’s Girl. The mother of four girls, Wynter’s mission is to empower and equip girls to walk boldly into becoming who God has created them to be and to provide parents with the resources and support needed to raise strong Christ followers. In addition to publishing the quarterly magazine, Wynter is a frequent blogger, a contributor for LifeWay’s ParentLife Magazine, and a public speaker. She is also the niece of Dr. Tony Evans. Wynter, her husband Jonathan, and four daughters (ages 6-11), reside in Dallas, Texas.

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