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Friday, April 14, 2017

The Daily Goodie Box is YOUR Easter Basket EVERY Time You Get One!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Daily Goodie Box for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.all opinions are my own.


I bet with all the getting ready for Easter, you wish there was an adult version of the Easter basket right?

Except you know swim suit season is here and you want healthy snacks...

it's a dilemma...

But Daily Goodie Box  brings BACK that fun and JOY!

In this month's box were the following goodies:

daily goodie box 1

Detox Water - Lychee & White Grape- We reviewed this Detoxwater before, and as SOON as I opened the box and Miss Grace saw it, she reached over, grabbed it and RAN! She LOVES to chill the water in the freezer and treat it almost like a slushie! The water is super refreshing and great tasting. It comes in additional flavors as well!

Adāmia - Therapeutic Repair LotionRed, cracked, burning, broken, insanely dry skin finds its relief in this lotion. The life-changing ingredient? Macadamia oil. It naturally mimics skin’s own oils allowing it to be absorbed faster and without that undesirable greasy residue. With clinically-proven moisturizers added,  to create an exclusive Promega-7 lotion, this lotion will soothe your skin and restore it. I tried this lotion out on feet and elbows and was thrilled with the results. We knowmacadamia oil is good for our hair, so it only makes sense that it is good for our akin and it is!

EBOOST - Strawberry Kiwi Energy Powder- One serving is all it takes to support your natural energy, a brighter mind, and a healthy metabolism, thanks to its carefully crafted blend of premium ingredients including green coffee bean and green tea leaf, essential vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, super-antioxidants, and more. Miss Grace used it in water before dance class, and claimed it was really good for maintaining her energy level and keeping her concentrated on learning! And it didn't taste too bad either!

#MPWR Skincare - Zip, Zap, Gone! Spot Treatment Sticks- Murphy's Law played into this month's box- where's a break out when you need one? LOL So we couldn't really test this product out. This treatment uses natural, ORGANIC products, instead of harsh chemicals to treat break outs. It's primary ingredients are Witch Hazel Extract, as an astringent base, with Chamomile Extract and Sea Buckthorn Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Arnica Extract and Kelp, to soothe and calm skin/ Plus the Green Tea and Rosemary Extracts provide antioxidant benefits to your skin!

Goddess Garden - Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion- another item we've reviewed before, this is a great sunscreen that works NATURALLY, and is one you feel good about wearing! Another product made with plant-based ingredients and natural minerals, our everyday natural sunscreen provides powerful broad-spectrum sun protection. With its sheer, non-greasy application, this certified organic, reef safe, and biodegradable sunscreen is good for you and the world around you.

daily goodie box 2

Bakery On Main - Bunches of Crunches GRAIN-ola” is boosted with Superfoodssuch as amaranth, millet, and chia seeds to give you 10g of audaciously premium whole grains per serving! Combine that with the amazing bakeshop flavors of dark chocolate and sea salt and you have the perfect way to fight off your hunger! Enjoy it with milk or on oatmeal for breakfast, by the handful, on your favorite dessert. Miss Grace wasn't too sure about this one, but after 1 bite, the bag mysteriously disappeared from my desk and showed up empty on her desk! LOL. So yes, it is kid friendly too!

Peanut Butter & Co - Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter- another previously reviewed item, but one of our favs! PB&C blended their powdered peanut butter with sweet vanilla to add lots of yummy flavor. With 6g of protein per serving, Mighty Nut Vanilla powdered peanut butter is an easy and tasty way to add protein to any meal or snack. Mighty Nut Vanilla is delicious rehydrated and used as a spread or dip, or as an ingredient in baking, cooking or smoothies. Miss Grace already discovered that it is AWESOME added to frosting over chocolate cupcakes!

Slurpee - Slurpee Cotton Candy - so seriously, who doesn't love some occasional cotton candy? Add in Slurpee flavor, and you KNOW you're gonna eat the whole canister! I ended up caving and letting the kid have it. Sometimes you just gotta be 'Mom you're the BEST!" LOL

When your kid has a 90 minutes heavy cardio dance class, and there is no time to shower afterwards, then large body wipes are your best friend. These wipes can handle ANY amount of sweat and grimes she throws at them! They're her new fav for after class cleanup! These wipes are extra large in size, as well as extra thick in a washcloth like material, and are alcohol and paraben free. They also feature alow and vitamin E for protecting your skin. They're perfect for cleaning up after any activity you out doing.

daily goodie box logo

We have found SO many GREAT products, that we're still buying, from sampling them in a Daily Goodie Box, and we can't recommend it enough. After all, it's FREE!

So why haven't you clicked over and signed up for FREE yet, get your own box of samples?

I haven't figured that out why yet either!

 It only takes about 3 minutes to sign up! Shipping is Free. No credit card is EVER required! The boxes are always 100% Free to members.

So head on over and get sampling today!

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