> Bless Their Hearts Mom: #MySleepNumberStore Helped Us Figure Out How to Get a GREAT Night's Sleep!
Monday, May 15, 2017

#MySleepNumberStore Helped Us Figure Out How to Get a GREAT Night's Sleep!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received theis info free of charge,from Sleep Number for review purposes on this blog. I may receive a pillow in return for my experience, if selected. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about the products, all opinions are my own.

If you've read this blof for any length of time, you know we're ALL about getting a great night's sleep! The benefits just domino- emotionally, physically, mentally and more!

We recently got to go to our local Sleep Number store and check out their AMAZING beds and pillows!

While you may have seen the commericals and know that their beds raise and lower individually, and that you can can change the softness/firmess of their beds, as needed, but their new SleepIQ technology goes WAY beyond those concepts!

Check out what all the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed can do:

Seriously, HOW amazing is that? A bed that warms your feet, cools when you need it cooler, and automatically adjusts, so it gives you a softer cushion when you're sleeping on your side,  firmer when you're on your stomach, so that you never get a bed that isn't comfortable. Can you imagine having a bed that sense's your heartbeat rising when you're uncomfortable and changes firmness, to that you go BACK into a deep sleep, and your heartbeat regulates again? Sounds like science fiction doesn't it? But it's not, and it is HERE!

And then in the morning, you can check your app and find out HOW you slept overnight. yup- your BED communications via an app now too! And isn't it a great idea to know how that extra alcohol or caffeine affected your sleep? And have a bed that still helps you to get a better night's sleep? AND it's even available on your kid's sleep number bed! It can help you know when they've had a restless night, and may not be a super star in school that day. Plus it lets you know how often they adjust their bed, so you can try to help them find the right number!

We were actually both in LOVE with this amazing bed! She went right to it and was ready to STAY there! We were surprised that her sleep number was a 30, whereas mine was a 45. Not really that far off. I blame mine on too many years of down feather beds! LOL.  We both loved how both the head and food sections could be raised individually .

Miss Grace had quite a good time checking out the heating foot portion! I know t's a fact that it helps, as that is why I always have to go to sleep with socks on, but tend to kick them off durign the night! Course being in the South, we were more interested in the keeping us cool all night part! LOL

Add in a 25 year warranty and you've got a great bed that gives you back your great days! Plus with the new bed toppings coming, you can unzip and replace the bed toppers easily when you need to! We love easy peasy!

One of the other reasons we were there was to check out their new Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow, which is part of their new In Balance bedding line, that includes amazing pillows and linens! 

The Sleep Number COmfortFit Pillow comes in 2 versions. I looks like a normal pillow, and the other features a curve to fit into your neck, so no more scrunching your pillow! We both fell IN LOVE with that idea! Either one you pick, both are made of memory foam pieces, blended with premium down alternative fibers, that make for a really unique fill that won’t lose its shape. Trust me, the kid tried and tried, but they kep bouncing right back into place! She was ready to walk out of the store with a new pillow! I rellay liked how they also feature a super soft lyocell blend cover, that actually breathes.

Unfortunately the pillows are only spot clean, and you really need one of their pillow covers for maximum pillow protection. Not only are they just as soft and cool to your skin, they help to keep dust and allergens out of your pillow, and thanks to their honeycomb inner design, also give you breathability. We may have to make a return trip this week, as the In Balance bedding line is all on sale this week, with products 20% or 50% off!  If you don't have a Sleep Numebr store nearby, you CAN order online too! Trust me when I say once you try their ComfortFit pillow, nothing else will do! It's the best of both worlds! 

SO if you're looking tfor a better night's rest, head over to your local Sleep Number store today,
 and see what they can do to help YOU get a superb nigh't rest, every night!

And be sure to check out the Sleep Number contest, where you can enter to win a Sleep Number bed AND pillows!

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