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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Mother's Day Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Life Miracle, via Tomoson,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

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Looking for a last minute Mother's Day that will keep on givng ALL year long, and not die after a week like fresh flowers can, or cause Mom unnecessary calories, like candy. 

Then I've got a great product for you:

The Nano Towel Hair Drying Wrap means no more annoying, dripping wet hair, or wet floors and backs, for your mom, after she washes her hair. The Nano Towel is made of Nanolon fiber, a proprietary super absorbent fiber, with unique properties unlike any you've ever seen. This new technology enables water to be drawn from your hair and skin more quickly, and thoroughly, than other towels. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, the Nano Towels Hair Wrap is perfect for using every day at home, while travelling or at the gym. So Mom can use it all the time, no matter where she is!

The Nano Towel is also SUPER easy to use!

You just wrap your hair and secure it with the button, then pat dry. The moisture is immediately absorbed ensuring you, and your floors, stay dry. The Nano Towel is super light, so there is no bulky, heavy towel to balance on your head, which means if Mom has super thick hair, she can actually get HER hair DRY as quickly as you do yours! Plus The Nano Towel helps to combat frizz and static, to keep mom's curls neat and in place.

One of thw things Miss Grace and I BOTH loved about The Nano Towel is that unlike other hair towels we have, it is longer and WIDER. What that means is your hair actually fist INSIDE the towel, and there is no annoying couple of inches of wet hair coming OUT! Nope, with this hair rowel, ALL your hair stays IN, thanks to the elastic edge, allowing for no drips and DRY hair! Plus the button is much more secure than the ones we have! You can see just how much more drying area you get:

The Nano Towel is for ALL moms, no matter what type, or length, of hair they have! Long hair, short hair, big head or small...this one twisty towel fits everyone! 

In factm it is SO super soft and luxuriantly comfortable, that you may just fing you need 2 or 3 for your household, so everyone can have one, besides the one you're buying for your mom! And using this towel not only saves you time, it saves your hair and your pocketbook! How?

The Nano Towel Wrap dries quickly between uses, allowing it to be used again and again. But hair dryers use a MASSIVE amount of electricity, which costs big bucks over time. Not to mention all the samage they do to your hair from drying it out so quickly and taking ALL the moisture out of it!  Did you know that using high temperatures,and powerful air to dry your hair can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp over time? Yup, besides split ends, it can cause ezcema, itchy scalp, hair loss, hair breakage, limp hair, and more.

But The NanoTowels allows you to air dry your hair FAST and without any damage to your hair., allowing you to manage and style your hair quickly, and gently.

Plus The Nano Towel is 100% GUARANTEED. It is guaranteed to work better than any hair dryer or hair towel you've ever used, or you can get your money back. Just register online and you get a 1-YEAR WARRANTY too! When was the last time you got that from a hair towel you bought in the store?

We adore this towel, and I've already put in an order for a couple more, as we're already fighting over this one! Its the perfect give to give to the Mom who has everything! Add a massage treatment, a relaxing cd and some bubble bath, and you have a great basket for Mother's Day! So head on over and check out The Nano Towel today!

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