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Monday, May 15, 2017

Travel Products Perfect for ALL Summer Long!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge,from Mouthwatchers and Kinzd, for blog review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them, all opinions are my own.

last weekend we travelled to Atlanta, and we had the chance to check out a couple of travel accessories, that were so great, we'd be happy to use them EVERY day back at home! Both of these products are must haves for Summer travel for your family too!

First up- how do you keep your smile photo ready?

Mouthwatchers Travel Toothbrush lets you treat your teeth to an optimal brushing experience, no matter where YOUR Summer adventure take syou! 

These revolutionary travel toothbrushes are actually each an Antimicrobial Toothbrush! These new toothbrushes are embedded with silver technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up for up to 6 hours after brushing. With dual action Flossing Bristles (made of a PBT bristle material outlasts traditional nylon used in competitive brushes) that are ultra thin at the tip to properly reach and brush away food and plaque in normally missed areas,  They really get in deep into teeth grooves and pockets for a superior clean away from home! This means you still get GREAT cleaning, even away from home. 

We tend to not bring our charcoal paste with us (no hotel cleaners cursing any left in the sink), and switch to a baking soda one. So having a brush that really helps clean, means we get the same CLEAN brush even away from home!  Miss Grace and I both LOVED these toothbrushes! In fact, she asked if she could keep using them when we got home! But with more travels pending, I opted to keep them in on go bag. I love how they fold up into their own containers, no mess no muss! This was so handy while travelling, one less thing to keep track of!  If you use these great toothbrushes, you can take the challenge out of brightening your smile this summer while travelling too!

The next product my be one that you've seen on eBay and Amazon, and wondered about their quality

 Kinzd iwas started in 2012 with a simple goal – to create the perfect men’s wallet. No more low quality items, or heavily branded, expensive designer ones. The resut was their Classic Bifold wallet for men, and now they have over 25 styles of men’s and women's wallets, along with travel accessories, in multiple colors and leather types. And their leather is traditionally made! Not only is leather durable and long-lasting, but it represents a kind of craftsmanship, skill and artistry that can only be achieved by hand. Consumers often confuse “imitation leather” with the real thing, full-grain leather. The surface of full-grain leather has not been removed, or heavily sanded, thus possessing the natural qualities of an authentic leather hide.  At Kinzd, you will never find split grain, corrected, bonded, or imitation leathers. And you'll find a color to suit your preference!

I was sent one of their women's wallets for review- the Upgraded Purple Accordion Wallet RFID Leather Card Wallet for Women

Upgraded Purple Accordion Wallet RFID Leather Card Wallet for Women collage 1

Available in 4 colors- black, royal blue, bright red and burgundy purple- I selected the purple to match my wine colored travel purse. This wallet is more than just a small travel wallet! This RFID Blocking Wallet keeps your vital information secure. No more having to block individual cards, with this wallet, ALL you cards inside of it are SAFE and your ID is protected! You do not have to worry about your credit card and ID data being stolen while traveling by electronic pick pocketing, via RFID scanners and readers. 

The wallet features a compact design, yet offers a full capacity to keep everything you need in one place.You get1 zippered compartments, ID window, 10 accordion folds, 5 card slots, and 1 cash compartment, and it allstays closed tahanks to a button snap. Plus it has a handy wrist strap for easy carrying.

Upgraded Purple Accordion Wallet RFID Leather Card Wallet for Women collage 2

This wallet is MUCH smaller than traditional women's wallets, as you can see. My black wallet has literally lasted over 10 years (see, quality leather DOES last), but it is heavy and bulky for traveling. Using the Kizd wallet over the past weekend was literally mind blowing! I had everything I needed with me, yet the wallet was SO light and easy to grab, thanks to the strap, thatI almost didnt want to go back to my traditional wallet!

The one thing I really missed was a coin section, I usually keep about $1.50 in coins and with the needed cars I had with me, it was hard to keep change as well, unless as I just had a couple of quarters.Additionally,  I was able to place sme recieipts n the bill compartment, but if I had too many, then  it made that section too bulky. Otherwise, this was the perfect wallet for traveling!

So there you go- 2 great items that you need this Summer, for all your travel plans, may they be at home or away! Plus a great idea for finding a gift for Dad for Father's Day, which is now fast approaching!

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