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Monday, June 5, 2017

Q&A with The Lemonade Stand Cookbook author, Kathy Strahs

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Later today I'll be sharing my review of this great kids book, but first an interview with it's author!

the lemonade stand cookbook

1. What inspired you to write The Lemonade Stand Cookbook?

I was inspired by observing how much fun (and learning) my two kids – ages 7 and 9 –experienced at their lemonade stands with friends from our cul-de-sac. It was more than just kids selling lemonade. They were collaborating, strategizing, preparing drinks and food, shouting to attract customers. Most importantly, they were having a blast. As a cookbook author, a parent, and an entrepreneur I wanted to help kids everywhere have experiences like this.

2. You’ve written three cookbooks, founded a food-focused independent publishing company and created three successful food blogs. Where did your passion for food come from?

I suppose it comes from my association of food with love and togetherness. My mom is a great cook, and she made dinner for our family on most nights of my childhood. We always celebrated holidays and family gatherings with "special occasion" food– not necessarily anything fancy, but the dishes we all enjoyed and looked forward to, like barbecue and potato salad on the 4th of July and, of course, birthday cakes. Once I began cooking for my own family, I discovered how much joy it brought me to put a delicious meal on the table – and to see the smiles in response from my husband and kids. Sharing food is sharing love, to me.

3. What research went into the recipes and crafts featured in The Lemonade Stand Cookbook?

I wanted to make sure all of the recipes and crafts in the book would be both fun and easy for kids to make for a lemonade stand and appealing for adults to buy them. My first layer of research was through real-life experience – our family held lemonade stands! I also interviewed lots of my friends’ kids about their lemonade stands (their quotes appear throughout the book). After brainstorming lots of ideas and developing a set of recipes and craft instructions, I sent them to my recipe testing pool comprised of about 40 families. Their immensely valuable feedback helped me to refine what ended up going into the book.

4. How important was it for you to create activities and recipes not only for kids but for adults too?

I created the recipes and crafts with kids foremost in mind, but I did also consider their appeal to adults as they’re the ones who are most likely to patronize a lemonade stand. The drinks and food are easy enough for kids to execute, and they’ll also find favor among adults’ taste buds. Lemonade stands are fun for all ages!

5. In your book, you say you want kids to be encouraged to “give life a squeeze.”

Define that. Giving a squeeze is a literal reference to squeezing lemons, but at a higher level, to me, it means going for it, taking a chance, and making a difference. For some kids it can take a bit of courage to set up a lemonade stand and interact with customers. Some look to lemonade stands as a fundraising tool for causes they care about. Above all else, I want to empower kids to harness their confidence and pursue whatever goals they choose.

6. Which recipe is your favorite?

Chocolate chip cookies are among my favorite foods in general, and I’ve got a great recipe for them in the book, so that would have to be my favorite.

7. Which craft is your favorite?

My daughter taught me how to make Hayley’s Flower Pencils, so they’re a sentimental favorite. They also make a really pretty bouquet!

8.The Lemonade Stand Cookbook features more than recipes and crafts. You share lessons on advertising, economics, helping others, staying safe, etc. What made you decide to share more than just cooking lessons with kids?

That’s the mom and MBA side of me coming through. I wanted this book to be the ultimate handbook for kids looking to have a successful lemonade stand. Of course, the lemonade and other items for sale are key to success, but it’s also important to know about setup, pricing, safety and other issues. Fun is also a must, so I made sure to include lots of inspiration for having a good time too.

9. Did your children take part in coming up with any of the recipes or crafts featured in The Lemonade Stand Cookbook?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, my daughter Hayley was the one who came up with the felt flower pencil craft. My son was the inspiration behind Cameron’s Berrylicious Smoothies – he didn’t create the recipe, but his consistent preference for this particular flavor combination at our local juice bar earned him his name in the title. My kids have served as taste testers for all of my cookbooks – they don’t hold back on their critiques!

10. Tell us where we can find your book and more information about you.

The Lemonade Stand Cookbook is available at burntcheesepress.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and retailers.

kathy strahs

About the Author:

Kathy Strahs is the award-winning author of The 8x8 Cookbook, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, the voice behind the blogs PaniniHappy.com and CookingOntheSide.com, and the founder of Burnt Cheese Press. She lives with her husband and their two children in the Silicon  Follow her on social media too:  Facebook: Kathy StrahsTwitter: @KathyStrahsInstagram: kathystrahs and  Pinterest: Kathy Strahs | Panini Happy

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