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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Review: Meddling Kids A Novel by Edgar Cantero

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge,from Doubleday Books, via Netgalley,  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them, all opinions are my own.

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The surviving members of a forgotten teenage detective club (and their dog) must reunite as broken adults to finally solve the terrifying case that ruined them all…and sent the wrong man to prison. Scooby Doo and the gang never had to do this!

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1990. The teen detectives once known as the Blyton Summer Detective Club (of Blyton Hills, a small mining town in the Zoinx River Valley in Oregon) are all grown up and haven’t seen each other since their fateful, final case in 1977. Andy, the tomboy, is twenty-five and on the run, wanted in at least two states. Keri, one-time kid genius and budding biologist, is bartending in New York, working on a serious drinking problem. At least she’s got Sean, an excitable Weimeraner descended from the original canine member of the team. Nate, the horror nerd, has spent the last thirteen years in and out of mental health institutions, and currently resides in an asylum in Arhkam, Massachusetts. The only friend he still sees is Peter, the handsome jock turned movie star. The problem is, Peter’s been dead for years.

     The time has come to uncover the source of their nightmares and return to where it all began in 1977. This time, it better not be a man in a mask. The real monsters are waiting.

     With raucous humor and brilliantly orchestrated mayhem, Edgar Cantero’s Meddling Kids taps into our shared nostalgia for the books and cartoons we grew up with, and delivers an exuberant, eclectic, and highly entertaining celebration of horror, life, friendship, and many-tentacled, interdimensional demon spawn.


If you take the mystery team from your childhood, add a hefty dose of sarcasm and reality, and a good dose of Stephen King style horror, what do you get? Yup, the characters and story of this book! At times it can be hard to stay with the story, as you are laughing so hard at the references to your childhood heroines/heroes/TV shows, but if you stick with it, you have a fun book that is made for older teens (due to adult situations/dialogue), but perfectly suited for the parents too! It is made more fun for the adult reader thanks to the changing pace, and eventually a 'screen play script', that brings more irony and humor to the book. If you set aside what you thought you knew about those 'meddling kids', you'll find this quite a good look at what might have happened to them after all, when one of their cases wasn't someone in a costume!

About the Author:

Edgar Cantero  is a guy who watches tons of movies, lives on noodles, deifies women, draws comics, and writes fiction. Most people agree only the latter two things are noteworthy. His native languages are Spanish and Catalan; he began writing in the latter. His first book, "Dormir amb Winona Ryder" (Sleeping with Winona Ryder), was awarded the Joan Crexells prize for best novel of 2007. It was followed by "Vallvi" (2011), a punk dystopian thriller that strayed from the highbrow Catalan literary tradition. For his next book, he switched to the language of the genre fiction he admires; thus "The Supernatural Enhancements" (2014) became his English debut. He continues producing material in all three languages and contributing to satirical magazine El Jueves. His work, ranging from short stories to screenplays, often features butt-kicking female characters, colorful violence, sunsets, thunderstorms, and ill-timed jokes.

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