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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Book Review: Gentle Discipline by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge,from Tarcher Perogree Press for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own.

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As seen in the New York Times -- a practical guide that presents an alternative to shouting, shaming, and blaming--to give kids the skills they need to grow and thrive

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Discipline is an essential part of raising happy and successful kids, but as more and more parents are discovering, conventional approaches often don't work, and can even lead to more frustration, resentment, power struggles, and shame.

Enter Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a popular parenting expert who believes there's a better way. Citing the latest research in child development, psychology and neuroscience, Gentle Discipline debunks common myths about punishments, rewards, the "naughty chair," and more, and presents practical, connection-based techniques that really work--and that bring parents and kids closer together instead of driving then apart. Topics include:

- Setting--and enforcing--boundaries and limits with compassion and respect
- Focusing on connection and positivity, instead of negative consequences
- Working with teachers and other caregivers
- Breaking the cycle of shaming and blaming

Filled with ideas to try today, Gentle Discipline helps parents of toddlers as well  as school-age kids embrace a new, more enlightened way to help kids listen, learn and grow.


One of the things Miss Grace and I are learning in her road of dyslexia/possible ADHD is that when she gets anxious, she tends to not speak up about being so, and instead goes into a flee/fight mode, which then causes her to hit my 'buttons', and the next thing you know, everybody is screaming. So this book's timing was good, as learning to take a step BACK and think about the trigger for her reaction, BEFORE I react is helping us to reduce her anxiety and our arguments, and it ties in perfectly with Ockwell-Smith's approach.

Another technique we've been working on is taking away 'punishment' and rewards and focusing more on logical consequences, as a way for her to understand how her actions could better benefit her, and help keep the entire household running better. The book has also helped me to understand why she has such meltdowns when she comes back from weekends away, where there was a lack of boundaries. It's helpful to know you're not the 'bad guy', that giving stability is a key to connectivity with your kids.

if you, or a friend/family member, seems like their discipline methods aren't working, give them this book. it will help them to see where their trigger points could be part of the problem, and how to better work with their child, instead of against them, especially when they have different personalities!


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About the Author:

Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a popular parenting expert whose blog (at SarahOckwell-Smith.com) is read by two million parents each year. A trained prenatal teacher, birth and postnatal doula, and pediatric homeopath, she is also the cofounder of GentleParenting.com. She lives in with her family, including four school-age children along with cats and assorted farm animals, in a 350-year-old cottage in rural Essex, UK.

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