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Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Make Learning About Coding FUN! (giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge,from Parragon Publishing, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own.

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Today I have a book from the Discovery Kids line that introduces kids to coding, and a book that makes color coding fun too (even for Mom if she blogs too!! 

Discovery Kids Factivity Coding and Computers  cover

We use computers every day, but how do they work and know what to do? With code, that's how. And now you can give it a go! Discover the fact-packed world of computers and complete activities, puzzles and mazes along the way. Then get programming with the building blocks of computer coding. Discovery Kids Factivity Coding and Computers has 300 stickers to make your own code and computer characters!

Discovery Kids Factivity Coding and Computers  collage

As you can see, the wording is made for the age 7-12 year old level, though older kids may roll their eyes at the stickers, they can't argue with how much they can learn from the book. It really does a great job in teach kids the hostory of coding and then onto the basics. It's a fun book that TEACHES when the kids aren't paying attention! If youre looking at adding coding to your hoem school curriculumn, you might want to use this book as a intro first! Parents can also use it as a fun "I'm Bored' attention grabber!

and speaking of ge=rabbing your attention- using the right COLORS when coding, can make a huge difference when you have a website or blog, and this other book, which I actually picked up in the clearance section of a popular national book store, is just the thing you need!

web colors cover

Coding and web-design skills are becoming more and more important in our technological world. These concept books will familiarize young ones with the kind of shapes and colors that make up web-based programming language and give them the head start they need. Help your little ones learn how to specify web-safe colors with this hexadecimal lift-the-flap book, and get them started on the visual patterns and symbols that make up the essential building blocks of the web.

wec color collage

This book might be the size of a kids board book, but it's a VER handy resource!  The lift flaps are definitely more for the kids, but the EASY to learn color coding is perfect for any age learner. I had never understood the color coding for html, but now it all makes sense, after just 10 minutes with this book! But more than that, having a book with the codes already on the different color panels, allows me to grab the color I need quickly, and add just teh right touch to my html! If you, or your kids, are learning how to code, be sure to pick this book up (it's still on clearance, even online!)!

Now who wants to win the Discovery Kids Factivity Coding and Computers book?

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