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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Did You HEAR My Scream of Joy?

November was a really BAAAADDDD month for us.

voodoo doll

At work we were looking for whoever had set the Voodoo doll against us, as it was hitting EVERYBODY hot and heavy, with medical issues, tragedies, accidents and more trauma drama than we could just about handle....
which was why you weren't seeing a whole lot of blogging from me- I literally just did NOT have the time with all the trauma going on.

elf in the house

But then the magical season came and the elf made the voodoo go AWAY!

Did you hear my scream of joy?
It wasn't just about the trauma going away, but....

Schoolhouse Review Crew

We got accepted as part of the Old Schoolhouse's
 Homeschool Review Crew for 2018!

I am just BLOWN away with happiness!

What that means is we'll be able to check some really GREAT educational products and share them with you! Even if you don't homeschool, they may work for you for at home practice or for betetr undersatnding for your kids!

So it looks like 2018 will be setting us on another new path (more on that coming later), and we're so sxcited, we're screaming for joy!

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