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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How to Freak Out Your Kids With the Magic of Video! (review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge,from YourSantagram for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

christmas reindeer scary

Every year we've shared with you different websites that allow you to have Santa come to your kids and speak with them.

But this year, that idea is on a WHOLE new level, thanks to YourSantagram.com!

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YourSantagram.com makes custom videos from Santa Claus, where he speaks directly to the special kids in your life.  He already knows if they've been good or bad - and can quote specific examples - because you have already provided that information to him in advance!  This is NOT some sort of "robo-santa" software - this is a real, live, bearded Santa Claus speaking directly to the kid(s), saying basically whatever it is you'd like him to say!

What if Santa takes it one step further, and congratulates them on having a great score on the Math test?  Or if Santa reminds your son to be nicer to his sister...and can actually give an example of when he wasn't very nice?  The possibilities are endless, as Santa will happily deliver whatever messages need to be delivered to your child as we get closer and closer to Christmas!

Check it out:

Yup- you can even have fun with the adults too! Have Santa tell your coworker to stop making a mess in the breakroom.  Have Santa tell your friend that the football team he loves is awful.  Santa will have a great time delivering a special message just for you, with special GROUP rates available for those that really want to spread the holiday cheer (warning? LOL)! maybe now you can make a believer out of them! LOL

I was really impressed with how the site ran through correct pronunciation of names, asked for special moments, things kids needed to do/have done, and how they went over the basics of be nice/clean/obey. And you can include up to 5 kids in the same video- saving you MONEY! You get the feeling from the order form this is not going to be the same old rehash, but something different! Once you place your order, your YourSantaGram video will arrive in about 5 days. Not only do you get a 2-4 minute video (depending on what you submit). You not only get a PRIVATE Youtube link, but also a downloadable MP4 link as well! 

yoursantagram santa

I was anxious to see how Miss Grace handled hers, as she has been to see Santa twice this year and asked for the same thing, so she would know if it wasn't 'him'. And as she is on that cusp of not believing anymore, I wanted this last year to be really FUN for her (and boy did God come through with the 'white Christmas' thing, just a couple weeks early, see tomorrow's post!). She was literally dumbfounded while watching her video! Not only did Santa know what she wanted, he knew we homeschooled and what she was having major issues with!  She kept looking at the video, and then back at me, and the magic of the first time Santa sent her a letter was back! YEAH! So while I know this is probably the last year for Santa, I'm thrilled that YourSantagram was able to make it SO special for her! I can't recommend the website, and their videos, enough!

Order A Customized Video For The Children, or children at heart, In Your Life! 
Santa Will Let Them Know That He's Been Watching!  Prices Start At Only $29.00   $19!

But want to get one for FREE?

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One BTHM reader will win their own YourSantaGram video
 to share with their kids, family or co-workers!

This giveaway ends FRIDAY, 
so that you have time to have your video BEFORE Christmas!

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